150 Unexpected half-siblings

USA: How advances in reproductive medicine and the information society are creating new family ties for which there are no social rules as yet

How problematic the search for the "unknown father" Western culture has long been aware of the fact that the. world literature has arisen from it, for example Ulysees. Myths, as in the case of odipus, stood at the beginning of a far-reaching cultural current, psychonanalysis. And the "absent father" is still very much alive as a buzzword in the discussion about good parenting, despite the "new father", who often enough take care of the living under traditional conditions and time constraints. Another type of the "new father", the sperm donor, does not have this obligation. He is not part of the family. Or is he?? And how?

No one knows how many children are born each year in the U.S. to a sperm donor father, the New York Times reports. Treasures suggests a number between 30.000 and 60.000. The name of the father is a digit. Anonymization, however, as has often been shown in the past, does not prevent people from finding out more about the unknown father.

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Ampere altra max: processor with 128 arm cores in the starting pages

Ampere Altra Max: processor with 128 arm cores in the starting pages

Ampere has given an update to the next server processor top model with the code name Altra Max, which will appear with 128 CPU cores in the course of this year – 48 more than the fastest Altra processor Q80-33 so far. The basic architecture based on Arms Neoverse-N1 design remains the same, as well as the CPU-Fang LGA4926 used – the 128-kerners fit in previous mainboards.

However, ampere uses the interconnect to keep the latencies within the nuclear network (mesh-interconnect) potentially low. First manufacturer’s own benchmarks compare the new 128 kerners with the 3.0 GHz fast 80-kernel Q80-30

Ampere Altra Max: processor with 128 arm cores in the starting pages

Manufacturer benchmarks for the 128-sensor Altra Max show high performance scaling compared to their own 80-nuclear.

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Tesla rugt approval procedures for gigafactory in grunheide

Tesla rugt approval procedures for Gigafactory in Grunheide

Tesla criticizes the approval procedure for his electric car plant at Berlin. The US electric car manufacturer argues in an opinion, the factory helps by dissemination of e-mobilitat in the fight against the world. "The German approval framework for industrial and infrastructure projects as well as spatial planning is in direct opposition to the urgency of the planning and realization of such projects necessary for the validity of climate change", criticized Tesla.

"Particularly irritating" Be for Tesla that there are 16 months after the application no schedule for the ie of a final approval. That "Blatant problem" It is that in current procedures and laws projects that were climate change and those who accelerated him were equally treated. Tesla has built the work so far with premier. The work were repeatedly interrupted after the procedure of environmental links.

Environmental aid against Federal Republic

Tesla exults in a procedure between the German Environmental Help (DUH) and the Federal Republic of the Upper Administrative Court Berlin-Brandenburg (OVG 11A22 / 21). The DUH demands that the Federal Government would be convicted to establish a program to achieve the national climate protection target 2030. Tesla handed the opinion as "Amicus Curiae" as it was in the interest of the procedure to share the experiences.

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Study: gasoline direct-injection engines emit many particles

According to a study by the Bern University of Applied Sciences, gasoline engines with direct injection emitted a particularly large number of hazardous particles. The current study shows that emissions in real traffic are significantly higher than in the test lab. Deutsche Umwelthilfe (DUH), which commissioned the study, is therefore calling for the installation of filters like those in diesel engines.

Gasoline engines with direct injection emit significantly more harmful particles in traffic than in laboratory tests. With a realistic driving behavior, the emission of pollutants rose sharply in the test. "This can be easily remedied by car manufacturers installing a particulate filter, as they do with diesel," says Dorothee Saar, an expert on air pollution control at DUH. A Hyundai 30 GDI with 1.6 liters and a VW Golf VII TSI with 1.4 liters were tested. The Volkswagen complied on the test bench with the limits for particulate emissions applicable from 2014 and from 2017. The Hyundai was only below the weaker 2014 limits. On the road, however, the Golf’s emissions were significantly higher than those of the Hyundai. In the second run with particulate filter, the emissions of the Golf were almost completely reduced.

In Dorothee Saar’s opinion, the laboratory test is simply not comparable with the behavior of drivers in real traffic. On the road, for example, significantly higher top speeds and stronger accelerations were achieved. Simply put: Hardly anyone has a driving style as mabful as that simulated in the lab.

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Car country: usa send 11p wlan in pension

Car country: USA Send 11P WLAN in pension

The US regulatory workfederal Communications Commission (FCC) has implemented its scheduled plan for December 2019: It uses the car consultation PWLAN (IEEE specification 802.11p) after a long response phase the radio spectrum.

Although this only affects the US, but the decisions of the FCC often have groundbreaking character for other regulatory keeps. In Europe, the step is attracting attention, because the auto industry is split in two bearings: some companies, including the world-growing autoconzers Volkswagen, set to 11p, while others prefer the modern mobile technology C-V2X (Cellular Vehicle-to-Everything). C-V2X Grundet on mobile radio techniques LTE and 5G.

No place for two rivals

The main entity for the development of the two methods is the reduction in the number of traffic totes and at all the risk minimization in the strain traffic. For this, vehicles warn each other from hazardous situations such as sudden brakes, unsuitable construction sites or black ice and report when a rescue car crosses the way. 11P and C-V2X are not compatible, and that is the CRUX: research and policies worldwide are convinced that a uniform specification is required for car consultation.

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Tenfoilox: firefox-fork for powerpc macs before

Tenfoilox: Firefox-Fork for PowerPC Macs before

The browser Tenfourfox designed for PowerPC Macs will soon be actively maintained. Tenfoilox FPR32 is said to be the latest version in which new stability and safety patches of Firefox remain, as the developer Cameron Kaiser announced. He wanted to do so far possible to take into account all security updates to Firefox 93 in September for Tenfourfox and then set the further development.

Old Macs lose secured browser

Tenfoilox is a Firefox-Fork, which is designed for the compatibility with Macs with PowerPC processors and is offered in specially optimized versions for G3, G4 (and G4 +) and G5 processors for download. The browser based on Firefox ESR 45 offers – in addition to current security updates – many functions of a modern browser on very old Macs, which are still under Mac OS X 10.4 tiger and 10.5 leopard run.

With the For TenfoilerFox, users: inside old Macs, on which Apple has long been no longer supported versions of MacOS and Mac OS X, so that the important possibility to use a well-maintained browser.

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Dynamic performance control from bmw should improve curve behavior

Dynamic performance control from bmw should improve curve behavior

Miramas (France), 9. July 2007 – Why, BMW likes to call the rear drive as standard drive? The corporate spokesman laughs and says: Think of the long rear extremities of rabbits or Kangurus. Who can run quickly in nature, which is usually with the hind legs gas. Well, and so it’s just with the cars, so the speaker. There may be something, although in winter we have already seen some rear shooters who stuck in the snow. The best traction delivers just the four-wheel drive. But some drivers complain about the substeer term of four-wheelers. This shortcoming is aimed to fix a new rear axle transmission called BMW as Dynamic Performance Control. We could try the innovation already in an X5 research vehicle.

Optimal torque distribution on the rear axle

Behind the term Dynamic Performance Control hides a mechanical-electronic system, which is independent of the engine power the continuously variable distribution of the drive torque on the two rear rollers. This is called, in a left turn more force is passed on the right rear wheel, and in a right turn on the left rear wheel. This results, so to speak, a piloting rear axle. Because if you are "gas" on the curvature wheel "Gas", the car is of course easier to the curve. This principle is known to those skilled in the skills "Active YAW" or "Torque Vectoring". A similar system sets Honda in Legend under the name Super Handling Allwheel Drive (SH-AWD). Subaru and Mitsubishi use the like in motorsport. But the BMW system has a special feature: it distributes the moments not only under load, but also in the thrust operation or with the clutch. The system is suitable for all drive types. However, the Munchner manufacturer wants to use it, however, to eliminate the understeering end of all-wheelers.

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Alpina b5 biturbo: more power for the eight-cylinder

Alpina b5 biturbo: more power for the eight-cylinder

Buchloe, 19. April 2012 – The BMW M5 presented last year is a fascinating car, but the manufacturer has left one flank open. If the previous generation was still a Touring, the manufacturer has dispensed with a station wagon in the current edition. The reason for this decision lies in the significantly lower sales figures for the M5 station wagon. Alpina uses this gap and offers the B5 as a sedan and touring. Now the manufacturer has further developed the eight-cylinder in the B5. The promise: more performance with less consumption.

More power

The 4.4-liter machine now delivers 540 hp between 5200 and 6250 tours and offers a maximum torque of 730 Nm between 2800 and 5000 revolutions. The predecessor still had 507 hp and 700 Nm. The B5 Biturbo Limousine is intended to consume 10.5 liters in the NEFZ’s latest variant on an average of 10.5 liters to 100 kilometers, which corresponds to a CO2 outset of 244 g / km. The factory information for the touring is only 0.1 l / 100 km of it. Before checking the sedan had swallowed 10.8 liters, the station wagon 10.9 liters. Which the cars, moved, consumably consumes significantly more in practice, was allowed to be clear.

Higher price

The modifications bring even better driving values: On the way to a highest speed of fabulous 319 km / h, the hundred mark falls after 4.5 seconds, the touring needs only one tenth of a second more and becomes fast to rapidly 316 km / h. Of course, prices have risen: The limousine is from 99.200 euros to have the station wagon 102.520 euros. These are about 3800 euros more than before. BMW also offers the current M5 for a very similar tariff. Cost point: at least 102.800 euros.

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Audi rs5: motor meier in fine twine

Audi rs5: motor meier in fine twine

Ingolstadt, 22. February 2010 – Actually the new RS4 turned off when it comes to his fans. At the Geneva Car Salon of 4. Until 14. Marz 2010, however, first shows the RS5. There he presented in his pronounced shell new all-wheel technology and a motor that remains economical in spite of his performance.

Performance full

Under the hood comes a high-rotating V8 suction motor with 4163 cubic centimeter displacement and benzindirect injection – a turbo ware maybe time rubber, but such a thick sucker still has a special charm. The aggregate is closely related to the ten-cylinder that drives the R8. With 450 hp, the RS5 engine even makes 30 hp more than the smallest R8 machine with 4.2 liters of displacement. Speeds are available: The maximum power is achieved at 8250 revolutions, 430 Nm torque are available between 4000 and 6000 tours, because it is joyful in turning. In just 4.6 seconds, the approximately 1.7 tonnes of heavy coupe should accelerate from zero to 100 km / h. The otherwise electronically limited tip of 250 km / h is read on request only at 280 km / h. In conjunction with the continuous seven-speed dual-clutch transmission S Tronic, the RS5 consumes 10.8 liters of fuel in the EU measurement cycle.

New four-wheel technology

As with Audi ubam, the RS5 also brings its power via all-wheel drive to the strain. When center differential that distributes the forces between front and rear axles, there is a new feature: the so-called crown-gear differential. It may vary widely due to its disk packs the distribution of torque between the axles. If necessary, it passes up to 70 percent to the front or a maximum of 85 percent to the rear. The standard interpretation of 40:60 rear-biased. The new differential works with an electronic torque vectoring, which accesses all four wheels. If one of the inside of the curve Rader is relieved too much at brisk pace, it slows the system down slightly before slippage occurs. This ensures on the one hand for more traction, and on the other hand produces a yaw moment that supports the turning.

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Driving report: yamaha niken

Driving report: yamaha niken

Innovations in motorcycle construction have always been discussed HEIB. What began with ABS in the early nineties, continued in the two thousands in the slip control: driving assistance systems were first perceived by many as an attack on self-determination. It becomes particularly hot if a new concept is pushed the idea of the motorcycle in its groundfest, as currently the electric wheel.

Like the reaction to Yamaha’s new Niken (say: Neiken), it is still more violent. Rarely has a motorcycle in advance to plug in as much HAME, such as the tricycle, ahhh that Leaning Multi Wheeler Named motorcycle of Yamaha.

Can three rade motorcycle?

All those who know a little with the Yamaha model palette may have been in demand at the first presentation of the Niken at the end of 2017, where the Japanese take the courage to take a concept. As a reminder: Already in 1993, Yamaha tried with the sports tour GTS 1000 at the first motorcycle produced in series with aerial control. And 25 years ago, the experimentation of the Japanese was punished. With only nearly 1400 specimens sold in Germany, the GTS could confidently be referred to as a flop. At that time, however, was above all the lack of maturity of the system, which did not generate real advantages and the disgountable, curvature front-wheel dimension of 130/60.

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