Christmas quake off Sumatra could have seismically activated region – and European tsunamis are also possible

It is well known that strong earthquakes can often cause aftershocks for months or even years. Since the turn of the year, however, it has been quiet again off Sumatra. But a major quake could follow in another corner of the Sumatra region. And Europe is by no means safer.

That the earth resp. The so-called “Indonesian fire belt” is one of the most active volcanic regions on earth, from which the Krakatau explosion in 1883 also originated and in which a super volcano also lies dormant, the explosion of which could change the climate worldwide in a manner similar to a nuclear winter. It is also nothing new that every earthquake is accompanied by pre- and aftershocks. A good year after a major quake, these aftershocks are still possible, but so far the earth has remained calm.


The boycott takes place in the heads

The popularity of U.S. products has waned worldwide

Whether Coca Cola, McDonalds, Nike or Microsoft – the image of US brands is tarnished worldwide. Primarily affected are those brands that are considered typically American. This is the conclusion of a new international consumer study conducted by the U.S. market research company NOP World. According to the report, the number of consumers who buy U.S. branded products has fallen significantly in the past year for the first time since 1998. The reason for this is the blatant damage to the image of the United States caused by the war in Iraq and the Bush administration’s war on terrorism “war against terrorism”. However, corporate scandals such as the WorldCom affair and the refusal of the USA to sign the Kyoto environmental protocol also contributed to this damage to its image.

The market researchers at NOP World surveyed 30,000.000 people worldwide. The study was carried out between January and March of this year. Consumers were asked about. a. whether and to what extent they currently trusted major U.S. brands. The market researchers identified a significant loss of trust.


The senseless quarantine duty

The senseless quarantine duty

Without good concepts and solidarity, quarantine is not only sad, but also pointless. Image:, CC0 1.0

Why the self-isolation imperative does not work after a Corona infection and what steps were necessary. A field report

On 8. December it got me. On a flight from Munich to Istanbul I was infected with the Corona virus, probably from a feverish passenger sitting behind me. It was a shock – and it became an educational experience about the reality of quarantine duties. Before the morning flight back from Istanbul I had been tested negative. Without such a test result one does not even enter the airport there.


Pay please! Every 26 seconds: the mysteriosis pulse of the earth

Pay please! Every 26 seconds: the mysteriosis pulse of the earth

The impulse appears every 26 seconds, is not perceptible by humans, but so strong that he is recorded with sensitive seismological advice around the whole of the globe. For almost 60 years, this natural phenomenon has been aware of researchers around the world.

John Ertle “Jack” Oliver, born 26. September 1923 in Massillon, (Ohio), died 5. January 2011 in Ithaca (New York) has made a name for itself, especially with the exploration of plate tectonics.

For the first time in the coarse framework, the seismological appearance was examined at the beginning of the 1960s. The American geologist John Ertle “Jack” Oliver published in 1962 in the seismological magazine Bulletin of the Seismological Society of America (BSSA) the article “A Worldwide Storm of MICKEIMS with periods of about 27 seconds”, by presenting the results of his research on the microvers.


No more retraction possible?

Whoever sends advertising in his emails should earn money from it

Just when you think that the Internet could have become as commercial as possible, one of the last bastions of privacy slowly begins to crumble. Epidemic Marketing, a Denver-based company, has pushed the boundaries of Internet advertising one step further through the use of clickable email attachments. If this catches on, we can expect email to be used as another tool to bombard our senses with commercial propaganda.

No more retreat possible?

Happy through Epidemic Marketing


Mobile phone patent: nokia obtains sales ban against daimler

mobile phone patent: nokia obtains sales ban against daimler

The Mannheim Regional Court has largely upheld a patent lawsuit filed by Nokia against the Daimler Group, prohibiting the carmaker from further sales of the vehicles in question. Daimler infringes a Nokia patent for a method of synchronization in mobile networks with certain telematics units of its vehicles, the 2. Civil chamber of the LG Mannheim on Tuesday (Az. 2 O 34/19).

The chamber rejected the objections of the company and numerous industry supporters such as Bosch and Continental, Nokia also had to offer suppliers a license for the patented technology on reasonable terms. Neither Daimler nor its subcontractors were “seriously prepared” had been, “to conclude a license agreement on FRAND terms with the plaintiff”, informed the court.

Sales stop questionable

It is questionable whether this enforceable injunction will actually lead to a sales stop for the vehicles concerned. “We do not expect there to be a halt to production or sales”, said a Daimler spokeswoman. “We do not understand the verdict of the LG Mannheim and will appeal against it.”


150 Unexpected half-siblings

USA: How advances in reproductive medicine and the information society are creating new family ties for which there are no social rules as yet

How problematic the search for the "unknown father" Western culture has long been aware of the fact that the. world literature has arisen from it, for example Ulysees. Myths, as in the case of odipus, stood at the beginning of a far-reaching cultural current, psychonanalysis. And the "absent father" is still very much alive as a buzzword in the discussion about good parenting, despite the "new father", who often enough take care of the living under traditional conditions and time constraints. Another type of the "new father", the sperm donor, does not have this obligation. He is not part of the family. Or is he?? And how?

No one knows how many children are born each year in the U.S. to a sperm donor father, the New York Times reports. Treasures suggests a number between 30.000 and 60.000. The name of the father is a digit. Anonymization, however, as has often been shown in the past, does not prevent people from finding out more about the unknown father.


Ampere altra max: processor with 128 arm cores in the starting pages

Ampere Altra Max: processor with 128 arm cores in the starting pages

Ampere has given an update to the next server processor top model with the code name Altra Max, which will appear with 128 CPU cores in the course of this year – 48 more than the fastest Altra processor Q80-33 so far. The basic architecture based on Arms Neoverse-N1 design remains the same, as well as the CPU-Fang LGA4926 used – the 128-kerners fit in previous mainboards.

However, ampere uses the interconnect to keep the latencies within the nuclear network (mesh-interconnect) potentially low. First manufacturer’s own benchmarks compare the new 128 kerners with the 3.0 GHz fast 80-kernel Q80-30

Ampere Altra Max: processor with 128 arm cores in the starting pages

Manufacturer benchmarks for the 128-sensor Altra Max show high performance scaling compared to their own 80-nuclear.


Iphone 12: apple releases production allegedly significantly high

IPhone 12: Apple releases production allegedly significantly high

Apple wants to produce a report in the first half of the year ahead of 95 million iPhones to can serve demand. The production target is 30 percent of the same period of the previous year, such as Japanese business newspaper Nikkei Calling on informed persons. Apple has instructed suppliers to produce 95 to 96 million gates, including the iPhone 12 also iPhone SE and the Alter Iphone 11.

High demand of the more expensive models

As usual, Apple corrects the iPhone production in the quarter after the start of sales sometimes clearly down, this time is obviously not the case: especially the demand of the more expensive models iPhone 12 Pro and per max trap stronger than expected, it is called with one of a Nikkei cited suppliers. The Pro models are currently not immediately conservative at Apple, the manufacturer calls a delivery time of several weeks, which can stretch until mid-January 2021.

The Sells of the iPhone 12 are the report according to the plan that the new 12 mini are different “sluggish”. Even developers report that in their app usage statistics so far only a few users with the very compact iPhone appear. The 12 Mini is unusually small in 2020 in 2020 and despite its 5.4″-Displays also smaller and lighter than Apple’s iPhone SE 2 with 4.7″-screen.


Tesla rugt approval procedures for gigafactory in grunheide

Tesla rugt approval procedures for Gigafactory in Grunheide

Tesla criticizes the approval procedure for his electric car plant at Berlin. The US electric car manufacturer argues in an opinion, the factory helps by dissemination of e-mobilitat in the fight against the world. "The German approval framework for industrial and infrastructure projects as well as spatial planning is in direct opposition to the urgency of the planning and realization of such projects necessary for the validity of climate change", criticized Tesla.

"Particularly irritating" Be for Tesla that there are 16 months after the application no schedule for the ie of a final approval. That "Blatant problem" It is that in current procedures and laws projects that were climate change and those who accelerated him were equally treated. Tesla has built the work so far with premier. The work were repeatedly interrupted after the procedure of environmental links.

Environmental aid against Federal Republic

Tesla exults in a procedure between the German Environmental Help (DUH) and the Federal Republic of the Upper Administrative Court Berlin-Brandenburg (OVG 11A22 / 21). The DUH demands that the Federal Government would be convicted to establish a program to achieve the national climate protection target 2030. Tesla handed the opinion as "Amicus Curiae" as it was in the interest of the procedure to share the experiences.