Audi and daimler: ruckrufing in usa and china

Because of problems with a coolant pump, Audi not only calls for hundreds of thousands of vehicles in the USA, but also in China. The jerk call is part of a worldwide action in which around 1.1 million copies of the A4, A5, Q5, A6 and A8 Hybrid with 2.0-TFSI engine a software update for the engine control apparatus should be played. "The problem relates to a supplemental coolant pump that can be blocked by foreign particles in the cooling river," explored an Audi spokesman today in Ingolstadt. The update should ensure that the pump switch off in time before a superheat.

The backlack had already become known at the end of January, but have not found a resonant now in all its extent, the spokesman – at that time the focus of the coverage was on the USA. There will be 390.000 vehicles are retrieved; In addition to the coolant pump there were other problems there. In China are 681.000 vehicles affected by the pumps with the pump, in Germany 13.000. Previously, the news agency Bloomberg reported on the jerk.

Daimler has initiated a jerk response in the USA because of overheating and fire hazards when starting the engine. Around 354.000 Vehicles The model year’s program 2015 to 2017 will be ordered by the subsidiary Mercedes-Benz USA in the workshops as the US traffic supervision announced on Friday. Due to a defect, there is a risk that a current limiter overhead and surrounding parts fading.

In June 2016, Mercedes became aware of the problem for the first time, but only at the beginning of February concluded that lack of security should not be eliminated. Affected are models of C and E-Class as well as Mercedes CLA, GLA and GLC SUV. The owners of the vehicles should be contacted at the end of Marz. Thereafter, the upgraded conversions should start in the workshops of the US handlers.