Bolivia wants to reduce lithium with german help

Bolivia wants to demand lithium in the coarse style at the Salzensee by Uyuni with German Help – here the world’s largest presents are suspected. The Thuringing company K-UTEC is intended to plan a rough collective area, which is to supply lithium carbonate for electric car batteries. The contract was solemnly signed on Sunday in the presence of Prasident Evo Morales in Uyuni. CEO Heiner Marx said the German press agency, It first deals with a volume of 4.5 million euros for the planning of the plant, with the per year 30.000 tonnes of lithium carbonate should be recovered.

The salt lake is 10.582 square kilometers roughly. In anticipation of a significant increase in demand for electric cars is rough economic potential, the price for lithium carbonate has risen from around $ 2500 (2005) to 6400 US dollars (5747 euros) per tonne.

The Bolivian government wants to invest at least 600 million dollars (538 million euros) in Uyuni. Morales saw a demand that is only possible with foreign know-how, long skeptical. Indigenous groups warned against exploitation as in the silver deposits of Potosi in the colonial period by the Spaniards. In addition, the salar is one of the largest tourist attractions – but the claim should only be carried out on a fraction of the salt lake, which is 3650 meters high.

"For us that’s a gross order," said Marx. With the high and civil engineering planning, 40 to 50 engineers have been employed, in one year the planning should be completed. The company plans worldwide for the salt-processing industry projects should also create the documents for the tender to build the facility.

The light metal is currently required for the production of most traction batteries used in electric cars, but competes with other materials. In addition, it could also be recovered from murmoned batteries.