Dgb boss criticized salvation home office tarpaulin – cdu is open

DGB boss criticized salvation home office tarpaulin - CDU is open

Federal Minister of Labor Hubertus Heil (SPD) must fortify for his bill for mobile work violent criticism from the top of the German Trade Union Confederation (DGB). "This bill requires a significant upgrade within the meaning of the staff", said DGB boss Reiner Hoffmann of the German Press Agency in Berlin. "Otherwise, the promise of creating the promise of the future election problems and more security for the employees at mobile work or in the home office, not much."

Right to a conversation

According to the law of salvation, procured the right to inform the employer’s start, duration, extent and distribution of wanted mobile work. The employer should take concrete on the application. If he rejects the application, he should face this in writing after two months in writing. Otherwise the home office is therefore automatically as specified.

Hoffmann welcomed that the coalition is now over the subject of negotiation. Originally, salvation had wanted to create a legal entitlement of 24 days HomeOffice in the year, but it had failed at the Union. According to the DGB boss threatens now a rough dispatch.

Resistance of the CDU

Come salvation draft in the current form, workers will make workers difficult to enforce their own wishes for self-determined mobile work, Hoffmann said. The original legal claim is softened. And an originally planned co-determination right for mobile work should not exist after intervention by the CDU. "Both are completely unacceptable, because so that the possibilities for more self-determination of all sides are braced", Hoffmann said.

"Operating rate need better possibilities for the importation and design of mobile work and home office, not least to encounter new tensions during operation, to improve the equipment and to ensure that HomeOffice remains voluntarily voluntary in normal times", said the DGB boss.

A collection of the union-related Hans-Bockler Foundation had shown that before the Corona pandemic frequently the clevering power about HomeOffice certain. At the same time, the pictorial suitability was committed to self-organization and discipline as a criterion. If working hours as well as the provision of infrastructure were regulated, home office for all the smoother has been implemented. The DGB had emphasized the company rate after the beginning of the pandemic often quickly grasped emergency statements in the companies in the company legally – for example, to digital meetings, for more home office and short-time working.

Future of the plan unclear

For the question of whether salvation with his bill will now be due to the coalition partner Union. From the labor market policy speaker of the Union fraction, Peter Weub, came a scarce, but no rewarding comment. "The right of acquisition for HomeOffice corresponds to the coalition agreement", said woman’s dpa.

The FDP labor market expert Johannes Vogel praised Hall for him that he "his completely impractical idea of a one-sided legal entitlement to home office" have given up. "Incomprehensibly stubborn, however, is that one continues to look for a reform proposal for the same outdated and rigid working time law completely in vain", said bird of the dpa. "Modern HomeOffice works either with modern working time law or not at all."