Ducati cooperates with hero

Ducati cooperates with hero

The Italian motorcycle brand Ducati wants to build after unison information with the Indian manufacturer Hero Motorcorp course together Motorrader. In cooperation, there are supposedly two models with around 300 cm3 displacement: a scrambler and a multistrada.

So really, in the art, it probably will not bother anyone in the expert, as now that Ducati should be in negotiations with the Indian motorcycle manufacturer Hero, even though both brands have not yet confirmed this. According to KTM, BMW and Triumph, Ducati is already the fourth European motorcycle manufacturer, who absolutely wants to mix in India, because the subcontinent has now even solved China as a large motorcycle market in the world. The 1.35 billion inhabitants of the subcontinent move in masses on motorized beads, although so far rarely with more than 150 cm3 displacement.

But the increasing prosperity always lets gross interest in bikes up to 500 cm3. KTM has been a deal with the Indian manufacturer Bajaj since 2011 and sells its small duke and RC models in India, but also in Europe like warm bread. BMW went a little later a joint venture with TVs and now builds two small models in India. Triumph recently announced that they will produce together with Bajaj in India. Now Ducati and Hero follow the example.

Two models on a base

According to the braces, two Ducati models should be created on a basis. As a motor, a probably serves the 300 cm3 gross, water-boiled single cylinder with injection. A model should come in the style of the very successful Ducati Scrambler, which, however, has so far been powered by a V2. The steel pipe frame was therefore allowed to be redesigned. As a second model, a small multistrada, so a travel enduro, was considered. Accordingly, it became the Ducati / hero cooperation as BMW / TVs, which have built next to a naked bike, the G 310 R, also a small enduro, the G 310 GS, in the optics of the coarse R 1200 GS.

Developed in Italy, built in India

The scramblers and the Multistrada were shared next to the engine many more components, such as gearbox, frame, swingarm, raders, brakes and electrics. However, the chassis was allowed to have more tractures at the Multistrada, which also came with disguise. Over the performance can only be speculated, but it will probably orient itself at the competition, which offer between 34 hp (BMW) and 44 hp (KTM).