Google maps with live traffic information

Google maps with live traffic information

Hamburg, 2. August 2011 – Google now offers live traffic information in Germany and in Zwolf’s Lermen Lermen. About Google Maps you can see the current traffic situation on a scheduled route or in a selected area. The info can also be retrieved via cell phones, Android and iOS devices. So far, the service was only available in the USA.

On the basis of various colors in the card, the speed with which the traffic is moving, can be seen. The colors red and black mark a stopGo traffic, red means zahmen, yellow signals a high traffic volume and grun a free ride. The data can be over the "traffic"-Button to be retrieved in the upper right corner of the card.

In the current traffic situation, all fast struggles and highways as well as the main sprays in coarse baties are involved. On the basis of Fruheren data, Google also says the traffic. In addition to Germany, the service is also introduced in Austria, Switzerland, the Netherlands, Spain, Gobritaine, Poland, Belgium, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Ireland, Israel and Luxembourg.

Intuitive alternative routes

Almost more interesting than the display of the traffic situation is the possibility to plan alternative routes. If there is meaningful alternative routes, Google Maps displays them from themselves in a short list. A click on the respective entries then also the representation of the route guide in the map. In addition, you can dragDrop signed by the position of nodes. Example A2: If you find that it will be tight behind Bielefeld towards Dortmund, you just test the alternative route via Paderborn. Google does not only automatically change the strain version, but also ies the new journey time.