Inflated: novitec rosso ferrari california

Inflated: novitec rosso ferrari california

Stetten, 30. Marz 2010 – Motor Tuning by mechanical charging is called the recipe of Novitec Rosso, which powered the Ferrari California. The tuner rushes the Eight-cylinder four-valve of the California with a compressor, which is powered by the crankshaft on a V-ribbed belt. The maximum boost prere is limited to 0.4 bar. The system also includes a water-boiled charge air cooler, a special suction tract and coarse injectors. On the outlet side comes with a stainless steel high performance exhaust system with "Sports catalysts" for use.

Proud torque

The compressor conversion increases the performance of the open GT from standard maby 460 to 606 hp at 7900 rpm. In addition, the maximum torque growth from 485 to 603 nm at 5500 tours. The driving services speak for themselves: from the booth less than 3.8 seconds to the 100 km / H mark. The highest speed rises to 325 km / h.

Sporty designel elements

The windmoil optimized front spoilers should not only look athletic, but also reduce the buoyancy on the front axle. New flock airlines put new accents with the black turn signals on the pages of the secondary. The aerodynamics concept is supplemented by the combination of rear diffuser and rear spoiler lip, which further reduces the buoyancy on the rear axle. A carbon rear panel completes the optical appearance.

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