Javascript: ext js 7.4 brings new features for data grids

JavaScript: EXT JS 7.4 brings new features for Data Grids

The software manufacturer Sencha gives first notes on the new features in version 7 with the beta release presented.4 of the JavaScript Framework Ext JS. With the tool you can create interactive web applications. The upcoming version stop next to new features for Data Grids further innovations for the Classic and Modern Toolkit.

While the Classic Toolkit is intended for creating desktop applications, users can use the modern toolkit for building mobile applications. The latter is mainly geared to the functions of modern browsers.

Combined data in groups

With Ext JS 7.4 Should developers have to obtain the possibility of grouping data across multiple levels with the extended multi-grouping function. Individual or multiple fields can be added to groups or summary. The Grid Panel should display this data based on the desired grouping,.

The new panel also allows users to draw the desired columns via drag-and-drop in the area of the grouping field. In this way, actions such as sorting, removing, moving or other the order for grouped fields should be carried out faster.

JavaScript: EXT JS 7.4 brings new features for Data Grids

The desired columns can be found with EXT JS 7.4 Move by drag-and-drop.

The current version also leads to a new function for summarizing rasters. Users can therefore be used to set functions for the aggregation (summary) such as sum, min, max, average, number and other for each column. The Grid Summary feature also allows you to set the position of the Group Summary (Summary Position) for a view. The developer team behind the JavaScript framework has also worked on a new docked menu bar, with which developers can display the filtered fields and configurations for each column. This function should be present both in the Classic and Modern Toolkit.

Users with an active license can already test the closed beta. Meaner information about EXT JS 7.4 can be found in the article on the official blog of the manufacturer Sencha.