Merkel: until september decision on refurbishment

Chancellor Angela Merkel has called for a decision until the end of September in the coalition controversial question of technical diesel readings. "We have to look like, as we can find a reasonable solution under the mapping of the reliability, the need to avoid a reasonable driving bans at the end of September," said the CDU politician today (20. July 2018) in Berlin.

Merkel pointed out that there is no coordinated attitude to the question of hardware downstreams and within the federal government. In addition, final reports of employed groups were not yet available. But this will be "not posted on the santa-nimble day".

The SPD calls for technical diesel rearrangements, so conversions directly to the engine. Federal Minister of Transport Andreas Scheuer (CSU) is against it – he has legal, technical and financial concerns. Merkel had also shown skeptical in the past.

In many of the city, pollutant limit values are exceeded as a main reason for diesel exhaust gases apply. The car industry relies on software updates from diesel cars to make the air better. The Federal Government had also launched a billion program for municipalities. This provides for the surrounding of buses or improving public transport.