Microservice api gateway: kong 2.2 advanced functions for go plug-ins

MicroService API Gateway: Kong 2.2 Advanced Functions for Go Plug-Ins

The company Kong has version 2.0 of the same name Microservices Gateway. The list of new features is long. Among them, there are also new features for Go plug-ins also to load OS certificates and buffering.

Kong has been developed as a service control platform. It should combine artificial intelligence, mechanical learning and other technologies to convey the flow of information from and to services. Kong is based on the reverse proxy server NGINX. The platform provides services, including a residual API interface for the registration of APIs and a platform for plug-ins.

Extended support for UDP

Kong already supports HTTP / HTTPS Traffic with Rest and GrpC-APIs. Kong Gatway 2.2 Advanced Support for all UDP-based protocols (User DataGram Protocol). The developer team behind the API gateway thus sees new possibilities for Kong users, as UDP is used in a wide range of applications that range from audio / video streaming and game servers to financial services.

The support for UDP will take proxying, load balancing and the exports of plug-ins. The Kong team would make users similar to users similar to UDP, as they are already available for the Transmission Control Protocol (TCP). More interested in a Demo of the new feature shown by Kong Engineer Datong Sun.

Kong Engineer Datong Sun shows the support for UDP on the Kong Online Meetup in action.

New features for Go plug-ins

Another feature was to be interesting for developers who use Go Custom Plug-ins for Kong. Kong 2.0 started with the support for Go – Kong Gateway 2.2 Now extends the function palette.

Where Kong previously supported the reading of request data, the API gate readings the upstream response with the current version when exporting Go plug-ins the Upstream response and passes it to the Go plug-ins by a new answer callback. This gives developers, for example, the possibility to read header from the response of the Upstream Service and based on this data a user-defined plug-in logic out.

Configuration attributes for the buffering

Developers can be set by setting configuration attributes themselves whether they want to enable or disable the buffering of Requests and Responses on Per-Route Basis.

Until the update, this was a static configuration. With the new attributes, users can adapt the buffering behavior of Kong for each endpoint. The goal is an optimal latency for endpoints with high load. For illustration, Kong provides a demo.

Automatic loading of OS certificates

To the new features of Kong Gateway 2.2 also pays the automatic loading of certificates preinstalled with the Operating System (OS). The configuration option for setting the certificate file to be used now accepts multiple entries as well as a special value that corresponds to the path of the Certificate File Convicted with the Operating System.

The development team simplified it simplifying HTTPS services on the Internet (outside the firewall) and at the same time providing custom certificates for internal services. Clear information about the release can be found in the article on the official blog to Kong.