Now patch! Attacks on google’s web browser chrome could be near

Patch now! Attacks on Google's web browser Chrome could be near

Who surfs with Chrome on the Internet, should bring the browser to the moment on the moment. If that does not happen, attacker could attack computer. For a cheek, there should already be exploit code. Attacks are at high probability shortly before.

Google has the most secured version Chrome 91.0.4472.101 Published for Android, Linux, Macos and Windows. According to a warning message, the circulating code is based on a specific safety chute (CVE-2021-30551, "high") tailored. The error is sitting in the JavaScript implementation V8 of the browser. An attackers could start here and a memory error (Type Confusion). This usually leads to the fact that harmful code gets on computer.

Remote Code Execution is close

Overall, the developers have picked up 14 security ies. The coarse part of the vulnerabilities is with the degree of threat "high" classy. A LUCKE (CVE-2021-30544) in BFCache is considered "critical". The scarce description can be found on a memory error (use after free) with the execution of malicious code.

In the past few months, Google has already been closed by attackers written by attackers written in the browser.