Operating concepts: volvo sensus in the v60

Stuttgart, 22. May 2012 – Who buys Volvo? Most of the time are families who like a well-functioning car, one without (extra paid) brand image, one whose designers know what matter because they have children themselves. Example Replace Seats: There are no loosely cranging children’s seating in the trunk, but you can lift and lock the seat surface of individual back seats at Volvo for a long time with a handle. A Volvo is "Just a car", but not in the sense of "I do not care what I drive" (This promotion went for Volvo then Bose in the pants), but in the sense of a good butler who works in the background and therefore must be good. The operating concept follows this mapping: Sensus is "Just an infotainment console" in the same sense.

Swedish conservative

The functionality of Sensus is more conservative than the German high-tech competitors. There are vehicle settings, a navigation apparatus, a radio, a television cler, a hands-free system, wide-angle cameras for unuitviewed exits and an MP3 player module, the music (Z. B. output from a USB stick to a bass-filled, well-sounding system. The menu is a classic hierarchical tree. He will be operated via a scroll turner on the center console and two buttons: a for yes / menu, a for no / cancel. It is like the world’s most menu systems, and the control idea with yes-no-buttons goes to the blood on each one who has ever obsessed a mobile phone of the PRA iPhone Ara. The large advantage is that sensation can be controlled completely on the steering wheel, and with the same logic as on the center console: button for yes and no and instead of the rotary wheel a vertical scroll wheel. Systems with rotary printing actuators, on the other hand, either set only selected functions to the steering wheel or force the driver there to a deviating control logic.

Under the screen, on the center console, a lot of Knopfe: Scale keys for the individual functional areas and in the middle a number keys field as on the phone for entering phone numbers or text. "Many Knopfe" has become a popular criticism in the automobile press, but it’s just faster to enter text at this field than materally over the knob. I also did not want to miss spa choice buttons. You could make them freely assignable (like BMW) to a good part freely (Volvo offers only the savings "Fav"-Button) or you could use as in the new A3 MMI of Audi toggle switch, which you can use blind, but you should be there.