Three room drivers started to the iss

Three room drivers started to the ISS

Under sharpest hygiene regulations because of the Corona pandemic, three room drivers are broken up in a record flight to the International Space Station ISS. The Soy’s rocket with Kathleen Rubins, Sergej Ryschikow and Sergej Kud-SVECTSCHKOW raised Plangemab at 7.45 pm Mesz at picture bay weather from the Space Station Baikonur in the Steppe of the Ex-Soviet Republic of Kazakhstan in Central Asia.

The Soyus Space Cased Crew is to be 10th after a good three hours.52 pm Mesz at the outdoor post of humanity in about 400 kilometers about the earth. This is considered a record time for a manned space flight.

Longer Quarantabe

So far, there were such short flights only for space freights. The three room drivers are expected to stay in space until the spring of the year 2021. The already high safety regulations for spatial drivers were spared again because of the pandemic. The crew spent more than a month in Quartaine and had been tested several times to the virus, said the American Rubins before departure.

"Probably the International Space Station is now the safest place", Said her Russian colleague Ryschikov with a view of the virus danger on earth.

There are currently three room drivers on the ISS: the two Russians Anatoli Ivani and Ivan Wagner as well as the American Christopher Cassidy. They were also started in the early year under strict Corona editions. You should return to Earth in October.