Vw touran tsi ecofuel: continue without tankstopp

Vw touran tsi ecofuel: continue without tankstopp

Wolfsburg, 6. October 2009 – Since May 2009, VW offers Touran with double-charged TSI engine for bivalent operation with gasoline and natural gas. From now on, a version with increased range is obvious. By an enlarged tank volume and improved efficiency, up to 670 kilometers without tankstops should be resumed.

24 instead of 18 kg fishing enhanced …

The three natural gas tanks stored in the underbody are now a total of 24 kilograms of 24 kilograms instead of 18. The range in natural gas operation is up to 520 kilometers with the intoled tanks. With the eleven liter gasoline reserve tank, a further 150 kilometers may be possible according to VW. The TSI Ecofuel with seven-speed DSG is supposed to start with 4.6 kilograms of natural gas at 100 kilometers, the CO2 outset amounted to 126 g / km. Converted to the current natural gas price VW thus calculated for the Touran TSI Ecofuel fuel costs of about 4.50 euros per 100 kilometers.

… But only for the Funfser

The coarse natural gas tanks are reserved for the funfeaser. Furthermore, there are the seven-seater version with 18 kilogram natural gas tank. She should come without renewed a total of around 520 kilometers – 370 kilometers with natural gas and 150 kilometers with gasoline. The drive of the Touran Tsi Ecofuel serves a 150 hp 1.4-liter direct injection with turbocharger and compressor. The maximum torque amounts to 220 Nm and is from 1500 revolutions. The basic price for Touran with bivalent drive amounts to 27.450 euros.