Bmw puts with the “concept e” an electric scooter before

Bmw puts with the 'concept e' an electric scooter before

Munchen, 22. September 2011 – How electric vehicles are also used scooters mostly for short routes in the city. A rough changeover or even a restriction in the use of these two beads, as motorists burred on E-cars, is therefore not expected. Histake so that many motorcycle manufacturers are trying to jump on the e-train. Even BMW is now presenting his idea from an electric scooter: the "Concept E".

Known design

The E-Scooter of BMW is recognizable as a clear member of the two-wheeler family of the Munchner manufacturer. That’s how it gets "Concept E" Like other BMW models, the so-called split face from the cladding top to the front-wheel skating, the twin-tipping spoiler in the area of the bug trim and the floating panels of the front side panel designed in the form of a boomerang. A short-cut windshield and a short held rear give the E-Scooter a more dynamic optics.

Video cameras replace reverse mirror

The colors should also give the "Concept E" more optical dynamics. The lacquered in black and white linings are supplemented by yellow acrylic glass-made side panels of the battery and drive unit. The design of the light metal roller leans against the design language of the cars of BMW I. The E-Scooter was equipped by the BMW engineers with back levels in the form of two video cameras integrated into the jerk light. These project the events behind the E-Scooter on two LCD monitors in the cockpit. The speed and other relevant data are displayed digitally.