Bmw represents the main plant on i4 production

Corporate spokesman Frank Wienstroth said on Thursday (16. Jan. 2020), BMW wants to build baskets, electrical or hybrid vehicles on a ribbon depending on the development of demand. "Munchen is a pioneer in the integration of E-vehicles into production".

Around 6,000 of the 7800 employees in the parent plant should be in the Bavarian school holidays of 27. July to 7. September vacation. The working time accounts could also go far into minus, explained the speaker. Every work will take every year for maintenance and conversions a few weeks, in Munchen but now a bit more long. Only the 1700 employees of the engine plant, which build around 2000 engines for the global factory network, continue to work.

More than 1000 robot must be rebuilt

In Munchchen running at the minute’s cars of the 3-he (test) and 4-er-rows of the tape. Planned production breaks are not a problem, "we do not produce on Halde," said Wienstroth. The 3er is also built in Mexico and China.

In a good year, in Munchen on the same lines, the fourth-talent electric coupe I4 should be produced. For this more than 1000 robots must be rebuilt in the bodywork and assembly in the assembly. The E-motors for the I4 come from Dingolfing, where also 2021 the new flagship of the Group, the fully electric and highly autonomous SUV inext, should go in series.