Capitalism in the pillory – but where is blackrock??

Capitalism in the pillory - but where does that leave blackrock?

There is a lot of complaining about capitalism. But its most important actors, the capitalists, remain largely invisible. This is also true for the currently largest of these capitalists: BlackRock

BlackRock is a shareholder, i.e. co-owner, in 18.000 banks and companies worldwide, Coca Cola, Lockheed, Boeing, Allianz, United Bank of Switzerland, Nestle, Bayer, Monsanto, Rheinmetall, Lufthansa, RWE as well as Amazon, Facebook, Apple, Microsoft and Google. BlackRock is the most influential capital organizer in the U.S.-led West. Chief executive Laurence Fink calls on companies to take more social responsibility, saying governments had failed to do so.

But according to its own corporate code, and even more so according to its own practices, BlackRock is beholden only to the interests of its investors. Greenwashing, transparency and responsibility rhetoric are part of this, gladly adopted for example by the President of the European Commission, Ursula von der Leyen: She is being advised by BlackRock.

Cartel-like principal owner of Deutschland AG

The New York-based capital organizer BlackRock – like its smaller relatives such as Vanguard, State Street, Capital Group, T Rowe Price, Amundi, KKR – is still officially regarded by the G7 countries and the World Bank and the EU as a "Shadow bank" and therefore hardly regulated, unlike the banks. However, BlackRock Co are now the owners of the most important banks and financial service providers.

BlackRock as a cartel-like shareholder eliminates competition, for example in Germany through the similar ownership not only in all 30 DAX corporations, but in several hundred other important companies such as freenet, Fresenius, Rhon-Kliniken, Hochtief, Hugo Boss, Lanxess, Osram, Scout24, Sudzucker, Telefonica, TUI, Wacker Chemie, Uniper, Jenoptik, ThyssenKrupp, Continental, Delivery Hero etc. BlackRock is also a simultaneous owner in the corporations that, according to the prevailing heresy, are in competition with each other: Bayer and BASF and Monsanto; BMW and VW and Daimler; Commerzbank and Deutsche Bank and so on.

Heard before? BlackRock at the fraud company Wirecard

And oh, why is it not spoken about in the public scandalization of the frauds at the financial services provider Wirecard? BlackRock is not only a shareholder in Wirecard, but also a shareholder in other Wirecard shareholders such as Goldman Sachs and, by the way, in Wirecard’s major lenders, for example Commerzbank, PNB Paribas and Deutsche Bank.

BlackRock pushes the robotized financial speculation and prevents the necessary innovations for example in transport, energy and environment. BlackRock covers the tax evasion of wealthy people into a dozen financial havens and impoverishes the states: Shares in Wirecard are hidden in about 100 shell companies in Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Jersey. BlackRock profits from low-wage labor in national and global supply chains – at Amazon as well as Tesla. BlackRock has now established the "Corona" BlackRock has contributed to the systemic crisis that is now breaking open with Corona – and profits from it.

And so similarly in the USA, Great Britain, France, Switzerland…

And it is similar to Germany in the other leading countries of the West, especially in Great Britain, which is one reason for the Brexit. But it is also similar in France and Spain, and also in Switzerland, which vainly upholds its reputation as an independent financial center.

And last but not least: BlackRock as part of "America First" profits with U.S. President Trump from the increased hate production and militaristic aggressiveness of the West, which has been manovred not least by BlackRock Co into the multiple crisis manovred, exposed by the Corona pandemic, with the already long foreshadowed crises of the economy, the leading media and the previous "people"parties.

With the savior into the next crisis

And the crisis originator is now acting as a savior and, as an advisor to the Federal Reserve Bank in the USA and the ECB in the EU, is running the largest national debt in history, for example in the 750 billion Corona reconstruction program of the European Union.

It is raining bonds for indebted states and corporations – and who will pay them back?? The next, the ubernachste crisis is preproduced there. This BlackRock capitalism survives – contrary to the prevailing heresy – only with excessive state aid and the exploitation of the majority of the population.

Western governments complicitly classify BlackRock as an unregulated "shadow bank" The civil society is widely kept ignorant, the leading media downplay BlackRock as a nice asset manager – as currently its function as a highly speculative shareholder of the fraud company Wirecard is hushed up.

Enlightenment is needed – and it is underway, worldwide

Against the disinformation of the public and against the complicity of the governments, the EU and the state and private leading media, clarification is bitterly necessary. The tribunal in Berlin is a beginning. It is connected with similar initiatives worldwide.

BlackRock is indicted on behalf of other shadow banks:

1. destruction of economic and political democracy, violation of people’s rights, human rights and national rights. Regulatory capture: advising central banks for their own interests. Alimentation of agents of influence. Reset of capitalism in the hands of private companies and foundations

2. As simultaneous shareholder of the five largest private housing corporations in Germany: Creation of an extremely antisocial rental housing system. Price gouging in rents and service charges, low wages and union busting among facility management employees. Violation of the human right to housing.

3. Increased military conflicts and increase of the global danger of war through profiteering in the most important corporations of the rust and atomic bomb production. Violation of the people’s right and export restrictions.

4. Environmentally destructive profiteering in major coal, lignite, mining, agribusiness and oil corporations, including in global supply chains. Purchase of government-guaranteed bonds of insolvent fracking companies. Greenwashing. Violation of climate agreements.

In addition, 15 witnesses and experts will testify at the tribunal. Friedrich Merz, the former chairman of the supervisory board of BlackRock Asset Management Deutschland AG, has been requested as BlackRock’s defense counsel.

On the second day, the jury will announce its verdict and discuss it with the experts, witnesses and representatives of initiatives and the press.

Tribunal against BlackRock On 26. and 27. September 2020, the Tribunal against BlackRock will take place in the Congress Center of the Free University of Berlin. BlackRock presents itself, also through its best known lobbyist in Germany, Friedrich Merz, as a nice asset manager. But BlackRock, officially recognized as an unregulated "shadow bank", The leader of the anonymous super-rich is a threat to democracy, prosperity and peace. Program and venue, articles, links to related initiatives in other states

The organizers ask for registration of interest, as there is a requirement that all participants – 350 are allowed – must be registered.

Latest book publication by Werner Rugemer: The Capitalists of the 21. Century. General outline of the rise of the new financial players. 2. expanded edition Koln 2020.