Cloud native: kong starts with konnect a platform for connecting services

Cloud Native: Kong starts with Konnect a platform for connecting services

In the context of the Kong Summit 2020, the company has expanded the portfolio of a connectivity platform behind the Kong Gateway, which aims for cloud-native applications. Kong Konnect combines Microservices and other applications with each other and after. The platform binds different runtime environments as well as specific workflows for individual tasks.

Kong: Kony the microservices

The platform consists of five main components: the Runtime Manager, the Service Hub, the Vitals, the Dev Portal and the Insomnia API Designer. Thus, Kong Konnect should cover and connect the complete stack of applications and the portfolio of the participating teams from the software architecture via development to the administrative area.

The three circles around Konnect describe the runtime environments, the functions and the user groups.

On the runtime level, the most comprehensive Kong Gateway can be used to connect to Aufen, which in summer in version 1.0 published Kong Mesh as Service Mesh to connect Microservices and the Kong Ingress Controller to manage the connections between the applications and external units on Kubernetes.

Central contact point for all services

The service HUB refers to the press release as a single source of truth for all services in the company, ie the dataset, which in doubt is considered correct. Here, the different services can be proved, entering and distributing to query them at any time to use. Also, managing the services takes over the service hub.

The Vitals area is the monitoring level of the platform, which should display the services and transactions in real time. He gives overview of the state of individual services, runtime environments and clusters.

Cloud Native: Kong starts with Konnect a platform for connecting services

VITALS offers different monitoring functions for services and infrastructure.

Insomnia for developers

The DEV Portal is the start-up properties for software developers. About the central portal, services for different development teams can be deployed within and outside the company as separate portals.

The Insomina API Designer is a tool for managing and editing programming interfaces. He has a connection to the service hub and allow the editing and testing of APIs. Kong had taken the company in 2019 the company insomnia, which is behind the open-source platform of the same name. The tool also forms the basis for the commercial Kong Studio.

Further details on Kong Konnect can be found in the blog post and the press release. The platform is currently in a private betaphase. Interested parties can be entered on the Konnect page for the waiting list for testing.