Discreet is different: landspab in the renault clio sport f1 team r27

Discreet is different: landspab in the renault clio sport f1 team r27

Munchen, 19. December 2008 – "Hot hatchback" Enjoy the strongest and wildest specimens under the compact and small cars. And in this segment, the French already felt strongly, long before the first Golf GTI conquered the left lane, such as the 1967 built, 175 km / h Schnellen Renault 8 Gordini. And as VW the GTI more and more to the pure equipment line numbers, our western neighbors shared the segment with Peugeot 205 GTI, Renault 5 GT Turbo and Co. practically. In 2008, the Niche of the Hot Hatches is clearly denser occupied. We once took a closer look at the Renault Clio F1 Team R27.

Race look is not a dummy

An anticipation of Renault sport obviously did not reveal how to make the young clientele with a cheeky bang-bushing mouth water and the wallet easier. Compared with its direct competitors of Opel or VW, the French actually acts almost as a touring car that has rayed in randomly on the strain. Powerfully exhibited fecal airflow, functional gauze slots for cooling the brembo high-performance brake on the front axle and a also functional rear diffuser with clever integrated exhaust gas tailpipes signal, with which caliber of Hot Hatch we have to do here. And if these hints are still enough, there is still the coarsent on the carts distributed decorative stickers, with which the clio loudly made the reference to the Renault formula 1 history.

Excellent Recaro-Settuhl

In view of the dazzling exterior, the interior of the CLIO must desire inescaped. Yes: The merciless tight and nevertheless convenient recaro-shell seats spread the finest racing flair and provide inexperienced page holding. The rest of the cabin, however, looks at the first glance suspiciously after a stink normal 65-hp clio: grip sympathic, dark plastic is spelled up with plastic decorative parts in the aluminum look. There is not much to complain about the processing and ergonomics. Only in details can the Frenchman not quite convincing: the rattling, non-flocked glove compartment, for example, does not want to fit a car that is almost 25.000 Euro costs.