Europe and japan measure greenhouse gases via satellite

Europe and Japan measure greenhouse gases via satellite the weather satellite organization EUMETSAT and the Japanese space workers Jaxa cooperate in the production of greenhouse gases in the Earth’s atmosphere. "Japan is a pioneer," said the Eumetsat General Director Alain Raier on Tuesday (14. May 2019) At the signing of the contract in Darmstadt.

The Agreement has the purpose of reapping a monitoring system for carbon dioxide in order to get a deeper understanding for climate change. Japanese Gosat satellites have been on a nearby oriental carbon dioxide and methane for ten years. European Metop satellites collect measurement data for the weather forecast and the monitoring of the climate.

The aim is also to achieve in the course of the Paris Climate Protection Agreement by 2025 with Japan’s luckless and dense amounts of carbon dioxide and methane in the atmosphere, said Bojan Bojkov from Eumetsat. It needs several missions to get good measurement data. EUMETSAT also cooperate with China and the USA.

The global climate IPCC also wants to calculate the greenhouse gas emissions better. From the coming year, all participant states of the Paris Climate Protection Agreement are required to report the quantity of their emissions to the United Nations. The aim of the climate agreement is to limit the ergimental warming to under two degrees compared to pre-industrial time. Already, the Earth has expired by about a degree after data of the worldwide organization.