Federal cyberagentur grounded: 350 million euros for cybersecurity

Federal Cyberagentur Grounded: 350 million euros for cybersecurity

The CyberAgentur is started: Your basic certificate is signed and the business is ordered. Officially, the company agency for innovation in the Cyber Security GmbH, she should "Identify innovation in the field of cyber security and awarded concrete appearance for the development of innovative solutions".

Protection of burgers of Germany

In addition, the CyberAgentur is intended to plan, control and prioritize individual programs as well as conclusively moving. The results obtained in this should evaluate them withdraw and provide the federal government. By 2023, the company can access 350 million euros from the households of the BMVG and BMI, as evidenced by the official press release of the BMI.

Accordingly, the long-term focus of the cyber agency on the external and internal security is. It was agreed in the coalition agreement in 2018, its planned 100 employees should first work in Halle and from 2022 at Leipzig / Halle Airport – after its completion -. You are conducting the basic phase Professor Dr. habil. Christoph Igel as a business manager and research director as well as Frank Michael Weber as a merchant director and business drivers.

Igel has previously been a scientific director of the Educational Technology Lab at the German Research Center for Artificial Intelligenz GmbH (DFKI) and Professor of Educational Technologies at the Technical University of Chemnitz. Weber previously worked as a project manager and business consultant as well as CFO and business administration of several companies.

Criticism through the FDP and the Federal Court of Audit

A solemn opening event on a ministerial level is planned, an appointment here, however, does not exist yet. Even when the start of the CyberAgentur should take place, was long uncertain what criticism of the FDP was moving. Her group of factions in the Bundestag, Stephan Thomae, said that the agency was given the high number of existing agents "Nothing further than showcase policy and pure tax loss".

The financing of which of the Bundesklungsthof: originally stood by 2022 222.5 million euros, but necessary in the same period 365 million euros.