Federal environmental agency demands route-dependent toll

In order for Germany to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions until 2020 by 40 percent against 1990, the Prasident of the Federal Environment Agency, Maria Krautzberger, has pladated for a total of high traffic on local threads. So the SPD politician spoke in an interview with the world For a toll, which is reflected in contrast to the guideline approach "mileage at all strain and for all motor vehicles". But it should not be about going to "survive our mobility foreclaw". Rather, bus and train "Over fast clocking" and "a narrow stop network" had to be more attractive.

The urban development expert also demanded a "basic road towards the electromobility": Destination must be to get at least twelve million electric cars on the strain by 2030. Buses should also be switched to E-drive. In demand, a quota for new past cars, which are 2030 at 70 percent MUSS. This repeatedly demanded from for gasoline and diesel until then she does not stand for realistic. "The Porsche does not have to die," believes the Social Democratin. But your goods are well received, "if he is replaced in the city center by a two-wheeled e-bike". Such a one can park better.

The prices of FURS driving had to "say the ecological truth", emphasized Krautzberger: "Our approach is affordable electricity for E cars, so that these guns are used as a burner. Thus, an incentive has also been created, to switch to electromobilitat quickly."Parallel muse mainly the wind energy on land and on the lake will be expanded faster. A speed limit of 120 km / h on highways in their view, above all, improve traffic safety, but the effect for climate protection goods but rather low: "This was only a saving of about 3.5 million tonnes of carbon dioxide."

The expert also made himself strong, "getting off faster than previously planned from coal streaming". Of course, the energy sector is just under the half of the greenhouse gas emissions. Be feasible, for example, to continue to shut up to five gigawatt capacity at the lignite power plants, which are the age as 20 years, and newer to throttle. Without the security of security of security, the policy was thus able to better utilize "particularly climate-friendly gas-fired power plants, which are now often resting,. The new federal government should talk to the energy suppliers and work towards a corresponding law.