Federal government suggests concept for rocket starting place in the north sea

Federal Government suggests concept for rocket starting place in the North Sea

In the North Sea, small lightweight guiseracks soon. No Cape Canaveral, no Kourou and no baikonur – but a special ship with star ramp should be. Starting position: about 460 kilometers from Bremerhaven. The Ministry of Economic Affairs prevents a concept of the Federal Association of German Industry (BDI). "These are not short-term ideas that have emerged at the green table. In this paper is a well thought-out and implementable plan", Is Matthias wandering safely.

Rocket launch of the ship

The BDI department director for safety, raw materials and space travel points to the foreseeable demand for booting. In Germany, three companies work with high prere on their own micro flushers who are to expediate smaller satellites in refrigerator or even shoe box in space: the Rocket Factory Augsburg, which is concerning OHB Group, Isar Aerospace and Hylmpuls. All three gave input for the "Concept study and cost analysis for a mobile shooting platform in the German Aubus Economic Zone (AWZ)" in the North Sea.

It is probably due to a umusted ship to which the 20 to 30 meters long missiles are brought from the planned base and logistics port Bremerhaven to the starting position in the most explosive west of the German Au-Abwirtschaftszone. It is about it’s about making lickeless mobile internet over small satellite constellations. The transit route is around 460 kilometers long. Depth of water on site: 30 to 60 meters. "Starting sites on the sea have the rough advantage that they mean less risks for humans and material", said OHB boss Marco Fuchs. "But there are also on the North Sea challenges: aviation, shipping, environmental and nature conservation, other commercial users like offshore wind farms."

The ara of the small satellites

The satellites are always smaller due to miniaturization. The changes also the need for structural missiles, it is called in the BDI paper. And further: "Consultancy assisted that until 2028 9938 satellites (CA. 1104 per year) to start all, of which in turn 86 percent small satellites will be." For many commercial applications, even small satellites greeted with a weight of one to ten kilograms.

The Ministry of Economic Affairs call the proposal under integration of further interested in the state of affected departments, but banned it in Berlin. "The BMWI is also in close contact with the German space industry and the associated. Therefore, we can not give a precise schedule for the exam." Participation by the Confederation is indispensable for the realization and approval of the starting platform.

Minimal risk

"For the federal government, the risk in the case of support is very low. It’s not about a gold rim. We expect very conservative. The federal government should neither buy nor operate or rebuild the platform", soacid. However, it’s about a subsidy of the federal government in the start-up phase. This situation on six years expected between 22.2 and 29.7 million euros, resulting in an amount between 3.7 and around 5 million ies per year.

Platform operators were not the rocket companies, but one or more companies with maritime expertise. The plans are concrete. The missiles were loaded in the harbor on the ship and lies in 21 to 26 hours drive to the starting position brought. There, the ramp was in position, the rocket was refueled, and all persons fall in love the platform. Start release and control made from a second ship in three kilometers away. Then the ship drove back. Price per start: CIRCA 600.000 EURO.

Start from 2021

The start cycle – loading, transit, start, jerking – is estimated at the beginning of 15 days. At the base port, the BDI has no prizeerz, Bremerhaven had good opportunities. "Technically, 25 starts per year are possible. But we hope that it will be more in perspective. If the policy "Go" gives, the first start could be done at the end of 2021", soacid.

It is not so optimistic in the OHB headquarters. There, OHB boss expects fox later "With some dozen starts" For the Rocket Factory Augsburg (RFA) and their microLauncher of the one-ton payload class. Also on a platform in the North Sea one is very interested. But the first start for the "RFA One" Plant OHB at the end of 2022 first on the island of And√łya in Northern Norway. Fox: "We start first in Norway and have the goal of making it out of Germany. Each of the rockets builds, needs star ramps."