Kretschmann keeps himself against criticism of the bundesver­kick­minister

Baden-Wurttemberg’s New Minister Prosident Winfried Kretschmann (Grune) has accessed verbal attacks from Federal Minister of Transport Peter Ramsauer (CSU) on the Automotive Store Baden-Wurttemberg. The exercises are "Lock and polemic", said the first head of government of a federal state, who belonged to the green applies, on Wednesday. Kretschmann announced the day before investing in the country in basic research for new vehicle drives.

Ramsauer had the Financial Times said: "If a land was explained to me, it wants to become a practically car-free zone, I was interpreted as a renunciation and turn to other regions of Germany." Kretschmann stressed, he never got one "Practically car-free zone", but talk about the future of a mobile society and the auto industry.

At the beginning of May, Kretschmann had explained in an interview: "We will use ourselves in Berlin and Brussel for a sharp order framework, for example, in terms of admitted pollutant ie. Experience shows that more ambitious editions act like an innovation whip".

Also Kretschmann’s deputy Nils Schmid (SPD) pointed Ramsauer into the barriers. He recalled that Minister Ramsauer is committed to Germany in his function as Federal Minister all of Germany and not only Bavaria. "People expect him that he falls his associations after purely professional aspects and not, whether the free election decision of the Baden-Wurttemberger fades him or not."

Baden-Wurttemberg has been home to the automobile for 125 years, here in the future the most innovative vehicles were rolled from the tape. "The topic of structural change in the automotive industry is too important for our future in order to carry out ideological fencing on the jerking of companies and the employees", Remedy Schmid.