Mazda 6 with new 2.2-liter diesel in three power levels

Mazda 6 with new 2.2-liter diesel in three power levels

Leverkusen, 12. November 2008 – Mazda freshly refreshes the 6 Series series with a new turbo diesel with 2.2 liters displacement, which replaces the 4-liter self-cord offered so far. In addition, the Japanese offer a lane change wizard for their mid-range model.

125, 163 or 185 hp

The new common rail diesel is offered in three power levels with 125, 163 or 185 hp. The values for maximum torque are 310, 360 or 400 Newton meters. Mazda promises powerful power development for the engines, good efficiency and smoothness. The injection prere of the Common Rail system was increased to 2000 bar. The individual dusen have more and at the same time getting smaller punches: This is a pracisere control as well as an increase in the number of injections possible, promises Mazda.

5.5 to 5.7 liters on average

The average fuel consumption per 100 kilometers lies according to the manufacturer between 5.5 and 5.7 liters, the CO2 outstaff between 147 and 152 grams per kilometer. To reduce the particle outlet, the Japanese set a diesel particulate filter with a newly developed ceramic structure. This should accelerate the filter regeneration and reduce the number of the necessary regeneration cycles of the filter. The prices for the new self-zunder models of the Mazda 6 start at 24.900 Euro for the step heat version. The most powerful variant with 185 hp is in the fourth energy from 28.800 euros relevant.