News from lancia at the iaa 2009

News from lancia at the iaa 2009

Frankfurt am Main, 9. September 2009 – Lancia brings a whole series of innovations to IAA (17. to 27. September in Frankfurt am Main). From the Ypsilon there is a showcar, the Musa gets a start-stop system and the Delta an upscale equipment variant as well as a new engine.

Ypsilon Elle

Together with the women’s magazine "Elle" Lancia attaches a small ypsilon’s eponymous showcar. Aubes is the car Rosarot – a coming trend color, such as Lancia and Elle apparently believe. Elle brandings are distributed in both the inside and on the ale lacquer of the car. The seats are overdrawn with a red leather alcantara combination. The vehicle should give an outlook for a limited ypsilone, which comes in the spring of 2010 to the handlers.

Musa with start-stop

The compact musa shows Lancia in the top equipment variant "Poltrona Mrs.". A leather interior of the Italian set of Poltrona woman features the interior of the car, drain can be used, among other things, four different two-turbulings are used. As a motorization, the 1.6-liter diesel with 120 hp is available. The variant with 95 hp thick 1.4-liter gasoline engine also introduces Lancia on the IAA in a variant with start-stop system. When stopped, such as red traffic lights, the engine turns off, which should lead to a fuel savings of ten percent. In Germany, shown but for the time being not offered, the Musa "Ecochic". This car is powered by a 1.4-liter bifuel engine with 77 hp. The vehicle can refuel both Autogas (LPG) as well as gasoline and should come with both fuel reserves up to 1200 kilometers.