Resurrection: 1967 shelby g.t.500cr convertible

Resurrection: 1967 shelby g.t.500cr convertible

Yukon (Oklahoma / USA), 10. July 2012 – 1967 emerged from a Ford Mustang after drafting the racing driver and designer Carrol Shelby a magnificent convertible: The Shelby G.T.500 convertible. Shelby died in May 2012 – but his idea lives up. The US restorer and small series manufacturer Classic Recreations builds on order the 1967 Shelby G.T.500CR convertible. The car fallows through its combination of classic look and modern technology.

A lot of power

Under the hood of the chic convertible, much power is used. The weaker of the two V8 motorizations already prototzt with 553 hp. If you want to crash it ultimatively, you can also grab the compressor charged 780-horsepower variant. The switching work takes over in both cases of the driver himself by hand. Currently, Classic Recreations are not yet available, but at least the 780-horsepower version was allowed to come back to the gauge thanks to the 68-liter tank. A threaded fire and stabilizers should hold the open bolides built on a stiff tube frame on the strain. For contact with the road are 17-inch raders. These fit visually well for the overall appearance, coarse pneus could act under a car in retro design.

A lot of shelby

Both the exterior and the interior of the G.T.500CR convertible are provided with many design elements designed by the CARROLL SHELBY. Aubes are used authentic Shelby applications made of glass fiber-ramped plastic. As a tank closure, there’s a shelby-le mans-racing lid. The inmates take on carroll-shelby signature seats with funkpunktbelten. There are also special Shelby Fubmatts, a Shelby instrument carrier and a Shelby surcrum ball. The scaling of the tacho of the 553-horsepower variant ranges to the 160-mile per hour mark (257 km / h), which is the 780-horsepower version up to 200 miles per hour marking (322 km /H).

A lot of waiting

The Shelby G.T.500 convertible is built by Classic Recreations on request by hand. The construction period is four months per vehicle. The manufacturer demands in the USA for the 553-hp model approximately 121.000 Euro, the 780-horsepower variant is around 161.000 Euro calculated. A leather outfit was 800 euros extra costs.