Tesla accepts bitcoin payments in the usa

Tesla accepts bitcoin payments in the USA

Tesla has also been taking payments in the crypto food bitcoin since Wednesday when buying his electric cars. The option is first available in the US and is to be introduced in other countries during the year, as entered in other countries, as CEO Elon Musk at Twitter. Tesla wool the Bitcoin-Betrage did not exchange for classical notice, emphasized Musk. Tesla announced a few weeks ago the purchase of Bitcoin for $ 1.5 billion and also explored the early acceptance of payments in cryptography.

Open source software and own bitcinnodes

Messages that a company accepts bitcoin payments, there was already more common. As a rule, however, a service provider is involved, which actually accepts and exchanges the coins, so that the acceptance is then only produced money. Exactly that makes Tesla, according to Elon Musk but not. For the amption you only use internal and open source software and operate your own nodes in the BitCoNetzwerk.

The bitcoin payments at Tesla are somewhat more sensitive than just entering the credit card number. The prices on the Tesla website are still in dollars, and the buyer gets a converted bitcoin amount he must pay in a certain time window. For the ordered order of 100 dollars of $ 100, Tesla gave an approximately value of 0.0018376 bitcoin on Wednesday. Kouring can then transfer the destination address and sum to your wallet via QR code or COPY paste and send the transaction.

"For risks and side effects …"

The car maker warns that the bitcoin payment can be lost irretrievably if the wrong address is entered during the transfer. In addition, you should be carefully examined if the amount is correct – "because bitcoin payments can not be made racy". It will take up to six hours to take a confirmation email from Tesla over the received payment, it is called in the support page. Bitcoin is the only cryptology that accepts Tesla.

The Bitcoin Course laid on Wednesday morning by about $ 2,000 to around 56.500 dollars. The center Marz achieved record high is more than 61.000 dollars; Since then, the price is moving to the 60 again and again.000 too, but then falls off again.