Vw beetle convertible: prices are fixed

Vw beetle convertible: prices are fixed

Wolfsburg, 16. November 2012 – The Beetle in Germany could not pill the big successes of the original model. Nevertheless, that VW brings a successor to the market, was allowed to be due to a not insignificant part to the US market, where the cafe heritage has sold well. The second edition looks a bit flatter and inside close to the original than the first Beetle. Now VW has announced what the Beetle-Cabriolet should cost.

4200 Euro surcharge for the convertible

The basic equipment lines Heiben Beetle, Design and Sport. The cafer convertible is available in this country only with four-cylinder turbomotors: three gasoline engineers with 105, 160 or 200 hp and two diesel engines with 105 or 140 hp. Each of these motors can be combined with a dual-clutch transmission for a surcharge. The price for the convertible starts at 21.350 euros for the 1.2 TSI with 105 hp. These are 4200 euros more than for the closed Beetle. The most expensive series model is the Beetle Cabriolet Sport 2.0 l TSI, whose four-cylinder 200 hp is. The sorting of the goes superserves a wet DKG here.

New facilities

To start the convertible VW offers two exclusive versions that can be combined with the equipment lines design and sports. Aufen you can recognize at 18-inch rims. For the interior leather sports seats are optionally in beige, brown and black, each with a diamond step. Some leather to steering wheel, shift lever, handbrake lever handle and center armrest ame factory. The Beetle Coupe with "Exclusive" design costs at least 22.650 euros. At the convertible the buyer must for 26.Place 775 euros on the table.