Wd red hdds with smr technology: western digital pays $ 2.7 million

WD red HDDS with SMR technology: Western Digital pays $ 2.7 million

The hidden change from Conventional Magnetic Recording (CMR) on the gorstiger recording technology Shingled Magnetic Recording (SMR) costs Western Digital several million US dollars. The manufacturer has agreed with the lawsold of a collective action in the USA to compensation payments in high 2.7 million US dollars.

Western Digital has secretly changed some hard drives from the WD-Red series to SMR technology in recent years, without the change in the dataflaten. The traces of roof shingles can lead to problems in particular with RAID rebuilds, their execution of which either requires many hours of time or is not just finished. Western Digital applies HDDS from the WD red series just for (NAS) network storage, where RAID composites are ugland.

Little money per hdd

The compensation payments have agreed with the Clever and Western Digital Auberartich, but a Californian court must agree with this Law Street Media notes. If this happens, every member of the collection claim gets 4 to 7 US dollars per hard disk affected, which was bought between October 2018 and the approval of the General Court. In single traps, up to 85 percent of the retail price will be reimbursed, ie a maximum of 153 US dollars.

Most of the money goes for court and legal fees on it – ubrow at class actions. Who bought a hard disk concerned in Germany, is almost empty: the collection claim only applies to those affected from the USA.

Western Digital also undertakes in the context of agreement to specify the recording technology used for all WD red hard disks. Since the outcry last year, however, the manufacturer is already doing now. For CMR models, the company has also introduced the WD Red Plus series.