10 Years chromeos: google tapped chromebooks narrower with android

10 years Chromeos: Google tapped chromebooks narrower with Android

Google’s operating system Chromeos may experience what hardly a Google offer achieves: his tenth birthday. For this occasion, Google donates this month the new version M89 with a number of new features. Especially the toothing with Android advantages should be narrower. Horsebub remains the limited "durability".

Google has presented Chromeos for the first time in July 2009 and the year the first Chromebook commissioned as part of a pilot program. For Google I / O in May 2011, there were the first premixed chromebooks, namely of Acer and Samsung. This date Google now pulls up to celebrate ten years of chromos. The motto of the three S has been unnecessary since the start: Chromeos gates should be simple, fast, and safe.

Simple and safe brings with him that the users must make cuts in the episis of certain preferences. However, this significantly reduces the support effort in companies and educational institutions. And in schools are chromebooks according to Google the most bought gardures, worldwide. That in turn drives the parents’ parents who experience how their children handle with Chromebooks. More than 40 million chromebooks are in action in schools, more recently in Japan.

5 years Android apps on Chromeos

In 2016, Android apps have held feeding on new Chromebooks. This makes Chromebooks more attractive, even if some app developers are not going to adapt their programs even for use on coarse screens and with keyboard and mouse. Since 2018, Chromeos also support Linux software (Debian), if no special kernel extensions have to be installed.

The Coronavirus pandemic has given Chromeos another boost. If the operating system originally emphasized mainly on second devices, it is now increasingly often used on main guesses. Each tenth 2020 sold desktop or laptop device runs under Chromeos, which is the second-gray operating system in the world after Windows. In the US, the market share is even twice as high.

This year, more than 50 new Chromebooks and boxes will be launched. Numerous models should come with built-in LTE modems. Part of the new machines will be optimized specifically for video conferencing.

Android Chromeos

From now on, Android and Chromeos should push each other. First evidence: The new one Phones. There Chromeos users get access to specific features of their Android phones, including receiving and sending short messages (even for signal and whatsApp), battery charging display, the two young-occupied tabs of the chrome browser of the mobile phone, functions to mute but also to find the mobile phone and the activation of the Wi-Fi hotspot on the mobile phone. Already today it is possible to sign up on the fingerprint sensor of the mobile phone on the Chromebook and automatically continue its internet connection via WLAN tethering to the Chromebook.

10 years Chromeos: Google tapped chromebooks narrower with Android

Chromeos users can soon use the voice output SELECT-TO-SPEAK soon more flexible.

Wi-Fi Sync Supported from M89 more devices. If you have already used a WLAN on a supported Android or other Chromebook, you do not have to re-enter the access data. You will be reduced over the Google Account.

NebyShare allows the delivery of files and text to Android and Chromeos advised, which are in the immediate vicinity. Google promises that can be set exactly, who can see what to see or must be suspected. Our Site could not try the new features yet, as the update is gradually rolled out during the month.

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