Munchen, 3. September 2015 – it is quite exactly 26 years ago, as the OPEL was the first European car manufacturer on the IAA, that now all models will have a catalyst from now on. Such, for the competition often painful timpani strike is still available, but with basic development guidelines there is often a non-agreed unity. For this purpose, it may be paid for almost all automakers in the coming years to bring various plug-in hybrid models to market. The idiosyncratic, industry with required calculation in the NEFZ leads too truly "fantastic" consumption values. Therefore, this transition solution will be celebrated by the automakers for a while, even if hardly a customer can experience these values in practice. BMW does not prejudice there and presents three new plug-in hybrid models on the IAA, which, like the opponents, with extremely low values in the cycle Glance.


BMW goes a very similar way like Volkswagen, which is probably due to the image of Bayern. Because in all trying to miss a "green paint" should be more than just a rest of the joy in the driving. The medium for the purpose is, as in the Gulf Gte also: Performance. BMW combines the 1.5-liter three-cylinder gasoline engine from the 218i with a 65 kW electric motor in the 225XE. The system performance adds here to 165 kW (224 hp). The burner drives only the front axle, the electric motor only the rear raders. The performance is impressive, especially in the field of acceleration, if the driver has chosen by those mode in which both engines have to deliver their maximum. BMW promises 6.7 seconds in the standard sprint. That a 225i xdrive with 231 hp and 6.3 seconds is still a bit faster, nothing at the statement that this plug-in model in this area does not require any noteworthy waiver.

Something different looks at the highest speed. Although many people were allowed to reach the maximum potential 202 km / h, but one sees one of the three weakest offshoots, all other 2er active tourers are faster. Purly electrically up to 125 km / h, if the battery has a residual capacity of more than seven percent. If the state of charge below, but over three percent, are still 55 km / h possible. Under three percent, the combuser is switched on, BMW prevents a complete discharge.

Be it’s drum, this model is for the opened 37.800 euros probably nobody buy to pass this race. Rather, for most buyers the consumption was allowed to be in the foreground. BMW calls 2.1 and 2 liters in the NEFZ depending on the tires. Since the electric range is indicated at a maximum of 41 kilometers, can easily determine what the car needs in the cycle when the battery is empty. 5.3 to 5.5 liters are then, which sounds less biggest, but is still good in view of the performance. A 218i with automatic is indicated at 5.1 to 5.3 liters, a 225i with 5.8 to 6 liters – each depending on the tire format.