Soder: “car pact against driving bans”

Soder: 'car pact against driving bans'

Bavaria’s Minister President Markus Soder (CSU) wants to prevent diesel driving bans in the state by introducing a package of measures. "One thing is quite clear: Bavaria is a car state and therefore we are against driving bans. They achieve little and only burden traffic and the burghers," the CSU politician told the dpa in Munich. He added that the state government was in favor of adhering to limit values, "but we should also show more common sense again.".

To improve air values in Bavaria’s urban centers, Soder announced a new car pact with various measures: "We now want to initiate scientific studies in Bavaria. Which limit values are actually meaningful and relevant for health protection and what is the relation to other limit values?."From Soder’s point of view, the example of driving bans for diesel vehicles in Hamburg shows "how absurd this is in practice. A few meters of road are blocked and everyone drives around in the dark. That is no solution for the pollution."

In addition, the state government wants to further expand local public transport. "We will invest 100 million euros more per year. With new trains, buses and support for routes that have not been so profitable up to now, we want to intensify the tangential traffic around the conurbations and improve the frequency," said Soder. The auto pact will go far beyond the diesel ie, he said. "It’s also about the qualification of the workforce. The top priority, however, is to avoid driving bans."

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