Spacex: further prototype of heavy duty rackets starship destroyed

Spacex: Further prototype of heavy duty rackets Starship destroyed

Once again, a prototype of the heavy-duty starship of the space company Spacex is exploded in a test. On Friday the prototype graduated "SN4" a test on the Spacex countries in Boca Chica in Sudtexas, when it came to an explosion where the prototype was destroyed. Cleaner information did not make the company first.

Number four destroyed

It is already the fourth official prototype (the name "Sn4" stands for Serial Number 4), which is lost. Most recently, number 3 was collapsed in a print test in April. The reusable missiles should once freight (from up to 150 tons of load, the company talks) into space, such as the moon or Mars. Elon Musk had introduced a first version of Starship in September 2019.

Currently, the company is commissioned on behalf of NASA, for the first time in the context of a commercial project astronauts from the US territory from into the universe. The originally planned started started start, however, had to be postponed due to bad weather conditions.

The explosion of the Starship rocket in Texas from several camera perspectives.