Standstill in germany

According to the new DeutschlandTrend, are Germans satisfied or do they just see no real alternative??

Germans seem to be satisfied with the rough coalition at present. The opposition is not gaining ground, as the DeutschlandTrend has just shown again. The state of political lack of alternatives prevails. 40 percent became CDU. We are apparently satisfied – or see no alternative in the options offered.

The calm that has been evident for months should be startling. When there is no real opposition anymore, something goes wrong in democracy. The politicians who rely on consensus rank right at the top: Steinmeier, Merkel, Schauble and now also Gabriel. Whoever is in power scores. The fact that Seehofer or Dobrindt did relatively badly could also be due to the fact that they don’t speak for the majority opinion, but for determining minorities. And, my God, the fact that the West German leftist Ramelow will now become Minister President in Thuringia is disturbing a majority. However, 40 percent can already imagine a government participation of the left in the federation. More in the East than in the West, but the fear of the Reds seems to be gradually fading away.

Germans seem to be torn about their attitude toward Russia. They understand Russia’s fear of NATO and at the same time are in favor of sanctions. Russia does not seem to be a major threat.