Tenfoilox: firefox-fork for powerpc macs before

Tenfoilox: Firefox-Fork for PowerPC Macs before

The browser Tenfourfox designed for PowerPC Macs will soon be actively maintained. Tenfoilox FPR32 is said to be the latest version in which new stability and safety patches of Firefox remain, as the developer Cameron Kaiser announced. He wanted to do so far possible to take into account all security updates to Firefox 93 in September for Tenfourfox and then set the further development.

Old Macs lose secured browser

Tenfoilox is a Firefox-Fork, which is designed for the compatibility with Macs with PowerPC processors and is offered in specially optimized versions for G3, G4 (and G4 +) and G5 processors for download. The browser based on Firefox ESR 45 offers – in addition to current security updates – many functions of a modern browser on very old Macs, which are still under Mac OS X 10.4 tiger and 10.5 leopard run.

With the For TenfoilerFox, users: inside old Macs, on which Apple has long been no longer supported versions of MacOS and Mac OS X, so that the important possibility to use a well-maintained browser.

Developer is mude

He was mude, writes Kaiser, who pushed the Open Source project on the years to free evenings. As an individual developer, he no longer stops the upcoming major changes in Firefox and have labor-related less time for the project. Writing and maintaining a browser engine "damn hard" And everything is now too fast for a single developer, says Kaiser. JavaScript and the trend towards web apps have most fastest Tenfoilox "skilled", to "Geriatric hardware" by JavaScript to slang where "1 million event handlers like mouse traps wait", may be "absolute agony".

Kaiser is at the same time proud of the work: he had allowed the browser to continue working on 15 years old hardware. Tenfoilox is the only browser for PowerPC Macs with support for TLS 1.3 and with just-in-time compilation for JavaScript. He also integrated Apple’s script into the browser – a function that has never made it in Firefox.

After September, he will be irregularly incorporated for their own use irregularly updates for tenfoilox, so the developer, a ready-made version for easy downloadable download will no longer exist, it remains the option to compile the browser itself.

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