Tesla rugt approval procedures for gigafactory in grunheide

Tesla rugt approval procedures for Gigafactory in Grunheide

Tesla criticizes the approval procedure for his electric car plant at Berlin. The US electric car manufacturer argues in an opinion, the factory helps by dissemination of e-mobilitat in the fight against the world. "The German approval framework for industrial and infrastructure projects as well as spatial planning is in direct opposition to the urgency of the planning and realization of such projects necessary for the validity of climate change", criticized Tesla.

"Particularly irritating" Be for Tesla that there are 16 months after the application no schedule for the ie of a final approval. That "Blatant problem" It is that in current procedures and laws projects that were climate change and those who accelerated him were equally treated. Tesla has built the work so far with premier. The work were repeatedly interrupted after the procedure of environmental links.

Environmental aid against Federal Republic

Tesla exults in a procedure between the German Environmental Help (DUH) and the Federal Republic of the Upper Administrative Court Berlin-Brandenburg (OVG 11A22 / 21). The DUH demands that the Federal Government would be convicted to establish a program to achieve the national climate protection target 2030. Tesla handed the opinion as "Amicus Curiae" as it was in the interest of the procedure to share the experiences.

In German legal proceedings is the role of the "Friend of the court" However, not for the decision of the OVG, Teslas comment will not play a role. The DUH have Teslas Auberung "Take note of interest", says business drivers Sascha Muller-Kraenner according to a report of the world. Tesla hope for a positive effect for its own approval procedure for the factory in Grunheide.

According to the report, Tesla also criticizes that most documents still had to be submitted in paper form. Digitization should therefore be mandatory, calls Tesla. This also applies to the participation of the publicity in decision-making. So far, the participation of the public "Invite some of the current provisions to abuse". So rewarded coarse hearings "Loudly instead of substance".

500.000 Model Y

Tesla wants to start production in its first European plant in summer and with the time 500.Manufacture 000 SUV of Model Y per year. When the company reaches its production target in Grunheide, about 15 million tonnes of CO2 emissions could be avoided every year on Europe’s straws, argues Tesla. A delay of approval was a month "To achieve a million tonnes of additional CO2 emissions". When unnecessary delays are eliminated and the final approval decision has been accelerated, Konne Germany reaches its objectives as determined in the Federal Climate Protection Act.

Tesla Model Y

Tesla rugt approval procedures for Gigafactory in Grunheide

In the opinion, Tesla suggested ten steps to improve the approval expiry. Accelerated procedures for sustainable projects and the consideration of indirect effects on the environment. Currently, evidence of relatively low local consequences in coarse mab are able to prevent positive projects. Duh-Chef Jurgen Resch is replaced loudly world, "under no circumstances can the participation possibilities of civil society be surpassed". Muller-Kraerner took care of him "not sure if Tesla has the same goal as we". (With material of the DPA/