Mobile phone patent: nokia obtains sales ban against daimler

mobile phone patent: nokia obtains sales ban against daimler

The Mannheim Regional Court has largely upheld a patent lawsuit filed by Nokia against the Daimler Group, prohibiting the carmaker from further sales of the vehicles in question. Daimler infringes a Nokia patent for a method of synchronization in mobile networks with certain telematics units of its vehicles, the 2. Civil chamber of the LG Mannheim on Tuesday (Az. 2 O 34/19).

The chamber rejected the objections of the company and numerous industry supporters such as Bosch and Continental, Nokia also had to offer suppliers a license for the patented technology on reasonable terms. Neither Daimler nor its subcontractors were “seriously prepared” had been, “to conclude a license agreement on FRAND terms with the plaintiff”, informed the court.

Sales stop questionable

It is questionable whether this enforceable injunction will actually lead to a sales stop for the vehicles concerned. “We do not expect there to be a halt to production or sales”, said a Daimler spokeswoman. “We do not understand the verdict of the LG Mannheim and will appeal against it.”


Dynamic performance control from bmw should improve curve behavior

Dynamic performance control from bmw should improve curve behavior

Miramas (France), 9. July 2007 – Why, BMW likes to call the rear drive as standard drive? The corporate spokesman laughs and says: Think of the long rear extremities of rabbits or Kangurus. Who can run quickly in nature, which is usually with the hind legs gas. Well, and so it’s just with the cars, so the speaker. There may be something, although in winter we have already seen some rear shooters who stuck in the snow. The best traction delivers just the four-wheel drive. But some drivers complain about the substeer term of four-wheelers. This shortcoming is aimed to fix a new rear axle transmission called BMW as Dynamic Performance Control. We could try the innovation already in an X5 research vehicle.

Optimal torque distribution on the rear axle

Behind the term Dynamic Performance Control hides a mechanical-electronic system, which is independent of the engine power the continuously variable distribution of the drive torque on the two rear rollers. This is called, in a left turn more force is passed on the right rear wheel, and in a right turn on the left rear wheel. This results, so to speak, a piloting rear axle. Because if you are "gas" on the curvature wheel "Gas", the car is of course easier to the curve. This principle is known to those skilled in the skills "Active YAW" or "Torque Vectoring". A similar system sets Honda in Legend under the name Super Handling Allwheel Drive (SH-AWD). Subaru and Mitsubishi use the like in motorsport. But the BMW system has a special feature: it distributes the moments not only under load, but also in the thrust operation or with the clutch. The system is suitable for all drive types. However, the Munchner manufacturer wants to use it, however, to eliminate the understeering end of all-wheelers.


Alpina b5 biturbo: more power for the eight-cylinder

Alpina b5 biturbo: more power for the eight-cylinder

Buchloe, 19. April 2012 – The BMW M5 presented last year is a fascinating car, but the manufacturer has left one flank open. If the previous generation was still a Touring, the manufacturer has dispensed with a station wagon in the current edition. The reason for this decision lies in the significantly lower sales figures for the M5 station wagon. Alpina uses this gap and offers the B5 as a sedan and touring. Now the manufacturer has further developed the eight-cylinder in the B5. The promise: more performance with less consumption.

More power

The 4.4-liter machine now delivers 540 hp between 5200 and 6250 tours and offers a maximum torque of 730 Nm between 2800 and 5000 revolutions. The predecessor still had 507 hp and 700 Nm. The B5 Biturbo Limousine is intended to consume 10.5 liters in the NEFZ’s latest variant on an average of 10.5 liters to 100 kilometers, which corresponds to a CO2 outset of 244 g / km. The factory information for the touring is only 0.1 l / 100 km of it. Before checking the sedan had swallowed 10.8 liters, the station wagon 10.9 liters. Which the cars, moved, consumably consumes significantly more in practice, was allowed to be clear.

Higher price

The modifications bring even better driving values: On the way to a highest speed of fabulous 319 km / h, the hundred mark falls after 4.5 seconds, the touring needs only one tenth of a second more and becomes fast to rapidly 316 km / h. Of course, prices have risen: The limousine is from 99.200 euros to have the station wagon 102.520 euros. These are about 3800 euros more than before. BMW also offers the current M5 for a very similar tariff. Cost point: at least 102.800 euros.


Kretschmann keeps himself against criticism of the bundesver­kick­minister

Baden-Wurttemberg’s New Minister Prosident Winfried Kretschmann (Grune) has accessed verbal attacks from Federal Minister of Transport Peter Ramsauer (CSU) on the Automotive Store Baden-Wurttemberg. The exercises are "Lock and polemic", said the first head of government of a federal state, who belonged to the green applies, on Wednesday. Kretschmann announced the day before investing in the country in basic research for new vehicle drives.

Ramsauer had the Financial Times said: "If a land was explained to me, it wants to become a practically car-free zone, I was interpreted as a renunciation and turn to other regions of Germany." Kretschmann stressed, he never got one "Practically car-free zone", but talk about the future of a mobile society and the auto industry.

At the beginning of May, Kretschmann had explained in an interview: "We will use ourselves in Berlin and Brussel for a sharp order framework, for example, in terms of admitted pollutant ie. Experience shows that more ambitious editions act like an innovation whip".


Federal environmental agency demands route-dependent toll

In order for Germany to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions until 2020 by 40 percent against 1990, the Prasident of the Federal Environment Agency, Maria Krautzberger, has pladated for a total of high traffic on local threads. So the SPD politician spoke in an interview with the world For a toll, which is reflected in contrast to the guideline approach "mileage at all strain and for all motor vehicles". But it should not be about going to "survive our mobility foreclaw". Rather, bus and train "Over fast clocking" and "a narrow stop network" had to be more attractive.

The urban development expert also demanded a "basic road towards the electromobility": Destination must be to get at least twelve million electric cars on the strain by 2030. Buses should also be switched to E-drive. In demand, a quota for new past cars, which are 2030 at 70 percent MUSS. This repeatedly demanded from for gasoline and diesel until then she does not stand for realistic. "The Porsche does not have to die," believes the Social Democratin. But your goods are well received, "if he is replaced in the city center by a two-wheeled e-bike". Such a one can park better.

The prices of FURS driving had to "say the ecological truth", emphasized Krautzberger: "Our approach is affordable electricity for E cars, so that these guns are used as a burner. Thus, an incentive has also been created, to switch to electromobilitat quickly."Parallel muse mainly the wind energy on land and on the lake will be expanded faster. A speed limit of 120 km / h on highways in their view, above all, improve traffic safety, but the effect for climate protection goods but rather low: "This was only a saving of about 3.5 million tonnes of carbon dioxide."


Bmw puts with the “concept e” an electric scooter before

Bmw puts with the 'concept e' an electric scooter before

Munchen, 22. September 2011 – How electric vehicles are also used scooters mostly for short routes in the city. A rough changeover or even a restriction in the use of these two beads, as motorists burred on E-cars, is therefore not expected. Histake so that many motorcycle manufacturers are trying to jump on the e-train. Even BMW is now presenting his idea from an electric scooter: the "Concept E".

Known design

The E-Scooter of BMW is recognizable as a clear member of the two-wheeler family of the Munchner manufacturer. That’s how it gets "Concept E" Like other BMW models, the so-called split face from the cladding top to the front-wheel skating, the twin-tipping spoiler in the area of the bug trim and the floating panels of the front side panel designed in the form of a boomerang. A short-cut windshield and a short held rear give the E-Scooter a more dynamic optics.

Video cameras replace reverse mirror

The colors should also give the "Concept E" more optical dynamics. The lacquered in black and white linings are supplemented by yellow acrylic glass-made side panels of the battery and drive unit. The design of the light metal roller leans against the design language of the cars of BMW I. The E-Scooter was equipped by the BMW engineers with back levels in the form of two video cameras integrated into the jerk light. These project the events behind the E-Scooter on two LCD monitors in the cockpit. The speed and other relevant data are displayed digitally.


U.s. Armored brigade brought from bremerhaven to poland with logistical problems

u.s. tank brigade brought from bremerhaven to poland with logistical problems

Shortly before Trump took office, a brigade was also quickly moved to Europe to demonstrate a rapid transatlantic troop buildup to protect against conjured Russian aggression

In the uncertainty about Trump’s foreign policy, the Obama administration also made a military policy statement in October 2016 with the largest shipment of ammunition since the Cold War in the form of 620 containers and the deployment of an additional armored brigade with 3,500 men and heavy equipment to Eastern Europe.

The reinforcement, considered the largest troop deployment since the Cold War, was intended to signal to Eastern European and Baltic states, as part of Operation Atlantic Resolve, that the U.S. stands by the NATO commitment, but also to demonstrate to Russia that despite possible changes in U.S.-Russian relations, with Trump, the "collective security" and that the military presence and exercises are intended to maintain the conflict of power (Pentagon increases troops in Europe). Previously, the Pentagon budget for the European Rearance Initiative (ERI) was quickly increased to $3.4 billion, quadrupling before the election.


Online driving simulator shows fubganger accident risk

Online driving simulator shows fubganger accident risk

The British "Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents" (ROSPA) presents a driving simulator on the Internet, which demonstrates the stoppaths in rain, alcohol at the wheel, at high speed or when using the mobile phone.

Simulation with serious background
It looks like a computer game, but has a serious background: In the online driving simulator you can first adjust a speed between 20 and 45 mph (miles per hour, about 32 to 72 km / h) and then frame conditions such as "drunk", " Mobile phone "or" rain "selection. The simulation shows the ride on a strain with parked cars from the driver’s perspective. Suddenly a ball jumps out behind a car, a boy behind, and depending on the setting of the simulator it comes to the accident.

Not only for driving
It is nothing new that most of the personal ignition of this kind happen in city traffic and that alcohol, phoning and bad weather increase the risk. The simulator is still an interesting way to draw attention to the dangers. To name an example: At setting to 30 mph, the wagon comes in time for standing, the "reaction path" of 9 meters plus 14 meters of braking distance rich to avoid an accident. When telephoning the reaction pathway on 19 meters, it is drunk in the simulation 15 meters. In the rain again, the braking distance already extends at this low speed at 18 meters.


Renault series versions of electric cars

Renault series versions of electric cars

Koln, 19. April 2010 – As if someone had flipped a switch barely two years ago, it is considered by many to be a foregone conclusion that electric­The future belonged to the EOLAB, without details such as battery costs, infrastructure or the well-to-wheel balance having been satisfactorily clarified. Renault’s boldness may also be due to the privilege of generating most of its electricity in France with nuclear power, which is good for the CO2 balance. Now the carmaker is presenting the future series versions of Fluence Z.E. and Kangoo Rapid Z.E.

Extended sedan

The new Renault Fluence Z.E. measures 4.75 meters in length and is 13 centimeters taller than its sister model with an internal combustion engine. According to Renault, this made it possible to integrate the removable battery pack behind the back seats without restricting the space available to rear-seat passengers. The trunk of the Fluence Z.E. holds 300 liters. The wheelbase is 2.70 meters, the same as for the normal sedan. The disadvantage of the arrangement is a relatively rear-heavy weight distribution, which shows that the Fluence is not exclusively designed as an electric car.

The Fluence Z.E. by its paint finish in "Energy Blue" blue, which the uninitiated call light blue. In addition, there are all kinds of e-mobile cosmetics such as a blue shimmering Renault rhombus or particularly aerodynamic wheel covers, so that the Fluence can drive a little further. In the dashboard, a display with information on the electric drive replaces the tachometer. The gearshift lever can be set to one of the following positions "Forward", "Reverse", "Neutral" and "Park" Place.


The most important in short to iaa 2013

Frankfurt / Main, 11. September 2013 – The most important car in the world starts today with the first of two press days. Almost 1100 manufacturers and suppliers from 35 countries present until 22. September at the International Automobile Exhibition IAA Your novelties. At the center of the fair under the motto "Automotive show in the world" Standing electric cars and crosslinked driving. After the long sales crisis in Europe, 159 world premieres should wake the desire for the new car. The organizers from the car association VDA counts with hundreds of thousands of visitors. 2011 were 928.000 visitors came to the IAA. The 65. International automotive exhibition will be on 12. September Open by Chancellor Angela Merkel and is reserved for the trade visit to the trade visit.

China comes tremendous

According to the association of the automotive industry (VDA) is the IAA "the world’s most important meeting place of the automotive world" with a share of foreign exhibitors of 42 percent and thus significantly higher than 2011 (32 percent). Exhibitors from China have increased their number – to 129 (2011: 13), followed by Great Britain (85 Exhibitors), France (34) and Japan (31). 21 exhibitors come from the USA. In addition, the VDA is worth the determination that "The IAA remains the only automotive fair in the world on which the entire automotive value chain is represented – with further rising tendency: the number of suppliers iing at the IAA is with 383 by a good quarter (26%) high than 2011 (305 ), of which more than half of them (55 percent) from abroad."

The most important information for visitors

Duration: 12. to 22. September (12 of which. and 13. 9. only for trade visitors); Press days on 10. and 11. September