No more retraction possible?

Whoever sends advertising in his emails should earn money from it

Just when you think that the Internet could have become as commercial as possible, one of the last bastions of privacy slowly begins to crumble. Epidemic Marketing, a Denver-based company, has pushed the boundaries of Internet advertising one step further through the use of clickable email attachments. If this catches on, we can expect email to be used as another tool to bombard our senses with commercial propaganda.

No more retreat possible?

Happy through Epidemic Marketing


Intel takes over killer-nic manufacturer rivet networks

Intel takes over Killer-Nic manufacturer RIVET Networks

The processor manufacturer Intel buys the company Rivet Networks. This writes Intel in a press release from Wednesday. Rivet Networks is mainly known for the killer NICS (Network Interface Card), so for network cards that are specifically interesting for gamers.

"The main products of RIVET Networks will insert into the wide PC-WLAN portfolio of Intel, including the Killer brand", Write Chris Walker on the Intel website. He is a manager of the Mobile Client Platforms Group at Intel.

Also interesting rivets software for Intel

It does not just seem Intel to go the hardware of the now former competitor, RIVet Networks also provides software that prioritizes traffic. "Since we add Rivet Networks’ software, we will license your software to customers and develop new solutions to improve the PC connection", Write Chris Walker.


Water – artificially priced branded product or common good?

Multinationals want to cash in on developing countries

The environment-"Nobel Prize" goes this year to lawyer Rudolf Amenga-Etego from Ghana, who successfully fought against the privatization of water in his home country. The debate about whether the "blue gold" of our planet should be a commodity is ongoing.

Last week in San Francisco, the prestigious Goldman Prize, also known as the Nobel Prize for the Environment, was awarded and has been awarded since 1990. Each laureate receives 125 000 dollars. This year it was awarded again to environmental activists from all continents, among them Rudolf Amenga-Etego, who founded the National Coalition Against Privatization of Water. He is trying to prevent the sellout of Ghana’s water supply to international corporations.


Paris attacks: police and truth

A witness reveals herself as a whistleblower and a report corrects the story of the fierce gun battle at the terrorist safe house in Saint Denis

The rough attention to details of police actions in the aftermath of the Nov. 13 attacks in. November in Paris is no longer there. Nevertheless, it is interesting what is added to it. Two reports published today in the newspaper Le Monde put the police work in a somewhat different light.

Some people may have heard the story that the analysis of data from a discarded cell phone led the police on the trail of the wanted assassin Abdelhamid Abaaoud. First news after the storming of the hideout in Saint Denis by police special units on 18.November suggested this.