Munchen, 3. September 2015 – it is quite exactly 26 years ago, as the OPEL was the first European car manufacturer on the IAA, that now all models will have a catalyst from now on. Such, for the competition often painful timpani strike is still available, but with basic development guidelines there is often a non-agreed unity. For this purpose, it may be paid for almost all automakers in the coming years to bring various plug-in hybrid models to market. The idiosyncratic, industry with required calculation in the NEFZ leads too truly "fantastic" consumption values. Therefore, this transition solution will be celebrated by the automakers for a while, even if hardly a customer can experience these values in practice. BMW does not prejudice there and presents three new plug-in hybrid models on the IAA, which, like the opponents, with extremely low values in the cycle Glance.


BMW goes a very similar way like Volkswagen, which is probably due to the image of Bayern. Because in all trying to miss a "green paint" should be more than just a rest of the joy in the driving. The medium for the purpose is, as in the Gulf Gte also: Performance. BMW combines the 1.5-liter three-cylinder gasoline engine from the 218i with a 65 kW electric motor in the 225XE. The system performance adds here to 165 kW (224 hp). The burner drives only the front axle, the electric motor only the rear raders. The performance is impressive, especially in the field of acceleration, if the driver has chosen by those mode in which both engines have to deliver their maximum. BMW promises 6.7 seconds in the standard sprint. That a 225i xdrive with 231 hp and 6.3 seconds is still a bit faster, nothing at the statement that this plug-in model in this area does not require any noteworthy waiver.

Something different looks at the highest speed. Although many people were allowed to reach the maximum potential 202 km / h, but one sees one of the three weakest offshoots, all other 2er active tourers are faster. Purly electrically up to 125 km / h, if the battery has a residual capacity of more than seven percent. If the state of charge below, but over three percent, are still 55 km / h possible. Under three percent, the combuser is switched on, BMW prevents a complete discharge.

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Spacex: further prototype of heavy duty rackets starship destroyed

Spacex: Further prototype of heavy duty rackets Starship destroyed

Once again, a prototype of the heavy-duty starship of the space company Spacex is exploded in a test. On Friday the prototype graduated "SN4" a test on the Spacex countries in Boca Chica in Sudtexas, when it came to an explosion where the prototype was destroyed. Cleaner information did not make the company first.

Number four destroyed

It is already the fourth official prototype (the name "Sn4" stands for Serial Number 4), which is lost. Most recently, number 3 was collapsed in a print test in April. The reusable missiles should once freight (from up to 150 tons of load, the company talks) into space, such as the moon or Mars. Elon Musk had introduced a first version of Starship in September 2019.

Currently, the company is commissioned on behalf of NASA, for the first time in the context of a commercial project astronauts from the US territory from into the universe. The originally planned started started start, however, had to be postponed due to bad weather conditions.

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Artificial eye

A chip implanted directly into the visual cortex can restore rudimentary vision to the blind

Pop singer Stevie Wonder, who went blind shortly after birth and made news late last year after announcing his intention to get a retinal implant to regain his sight, will have to wait further for technological miracles, but for people who went blind later in life, another type of neurotechnology could be able to help them see again.

Artificial eye

Stevie Wonder must have been driven to his desire by exaggerated reports of technological advances, because retinal implants are being researched, but they have not yet been permanently implanted in humans. The microchips, which are connected to a tiny camera, can also only stimulate retinal cells that are still intact. The chips, which have only a few receptors, can restore only rudimentary vision, because the retina has more than a million nerve cells. Moreover, retinal implants seem to offer relief for only a few conditions, such as retinitis pigmentosa. People who, like Stevie Wonder, never learned to see "learned to see" could probably not do much with neuronal impulses that reach the brain via the optical nerve, because the brain does not know how to convert them into images.

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Capitalism in the pillory – but where is blackrock??

Capitalism in the pillory - but where does that leave blackrock?

There is a lot of complaining about capitalism. But its most important actors, the capitalists, remain largely invisible. This is also true for the currently largest of these capitalists: BlackRock

BlackRock is a shareholder, i.e. co-owner, in 18.000 banks and companies worldwide, Coca Cola, Lockheed, Boeing, Allianz, United Bank of Switzerland, Nestle, Bayer, Monsanto, Rheinmetall, Lufthansa, RWE as well as Amazon, Facebook, Apple, Microsoft and Google. BlackRock is the most influential capital organizer in the U.S.-led West. Chief executive Laurence Fink calls on companies to take more social responsibility, saying governments had failed to do so.

But according to its own corporate code, and even more so according to its own practices, BlackRock is beholden only to the interests of its investors. Greenwashing, transparency and responsibility rhetoric are part of this, gladly adopted for example by the President of the European Commission, Ursula von der Leyen: She is being advised by BlackRock.

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Private internet use at the workplace to be permitted

In a balancing act, the Ministry of Labor wants to prevent content control, but at the same time demands monitoring with the planned regulation

The Federal Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs wants to legally regulate the use of the Internet at the workplace. From the paper on a new "Employee Data Protection Act", which is available to the Handelsblatt and the contents of which are characterized by its author, head of department Hans Peter Vietheu, as initial preliminary considerations, it emerges that employees should in principle be granted the right to surf the Internet or write e-mails privately at the workplace if this does not interfere with any business matters. By "individual agreement or collective agreement" this right can then be restricted even further, for example "to a certain cost limit, to urgent and emergency cases or to the time after work". According to the draft, the employer can charge the employee for the costs incurred by private use.

The law, which is to be passed before the end of the year, also stipulates that employers are not allowed to read the content of private emails or monitor which websites are accessed by employees. content monitoring could be prosecuted as a violation of postal and telecommunications secrecy, unless there is a "serious suspicion of improper use" . However, with regard to business use, employers are generally allowed to determine the "the appropriateness of the scope and relevance of the accessed pages, writes the" the Handelsblatt writes. In addition, the employer may demand that business emails stored on the server be presented to him in printed form. However, if the monitoring concerns the performance or behavior of individual employees, the principle of proportionality must be observed. Surfing behavior may only be evaluated in general. According to the draft, employers are also allowed to block certain web content by means of filters, and employees are also obliged to use their personal data in a company-friendly manner "company-friendly" with the Internet even for private use.

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Bmw represents the main plant on i4 production

Corporate spokesman Frank Wienstroth said on Thursday (16. Jan. 2020), BMW wants to build baskets, electrical or hybrid vehicles on a ribbon depending on the development of demand. "Munchen is a pioneer in the integration of E-vehicles into production".

Around 6,000 of the 7800 employees in the parent plant should be in the Bavarian school holidays of 27. July to 7. September vacation. The working time accounts could also go far into minus, explained the speaker. Every work will take every year for maintenance and conversions a few weeks, in Munchen but now a bit more long. Only the 1700 employees of the engine plant, which build around 2000 engines for the global factory network, continue to work.

More than 1000 robot must be rebuilt

In Munchchen running at the minute’s cars of the 3-he (test) and 4-er-rows of the tape. Planned production breaks are not a problem, "we do not produce on Halde," said Wienstroth. The 3er is also built in Mexico and China.

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E-privacy regulation: eu council peak wants to allow broader data access

E-PRIVACY Regulation: EU Council Peak wants to allow broader data access

Racingly fast, Portugal, which was chaired at the beginning of the year from Germany, has chaired the EU Council of Ministers, a new draft for the four years of severely controversial e-privacy regulation sent to the other Member States. The goal should be, "to simplify the text" and continue to adapt to the Data Protection Basic Regulation (DSGVO).

What is first convincing, turns out to look for a gift to the data processing economy. Originally intention of the EU Commission was to make the latte high with the regulation in data protection in the sensitive field of electronic communication with its numerous applications of Messenger services and the lathe to control language assistants. If the additional rules are now largely aligned with the DSGVO, they actually confer.

Determination under conditions

as "important change" If the Portuguese Government refers to the text published published by the Burger Rights Organization StaTewatch, that companies and resistances can be used to use metadata such as connection information for other purposes as the originally intended and permitted by the user. The most important requirement for this is that the processing "compatible" is intention to be released. This is also intended for intervention in "Terminal equipment" How to browser, for example, by setting cookies and reading out associated user information.

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The domino recession?

The signs are pointing to recession not only in the U.S., the reports on the state of the global economy are anything but optimistic

The Global Risk Report 2008, which was compiled with the help of leading financial companies, concludes that a recession is imminent in the USA, the largest single economy. The risks were rated on a five-point scale based on a survey of about 100 leading businessmen, politicians and academics. According to the survey, the greatest risks were posed by the crisis in the financial system, further increases in food prices, the sensitivity of global supply routes and increasingly expensive energy carriers. These four risk complexes serve as the basis for this year’s meeting of the World Economic Forum in Davos.

Political and economic uncertainty is at its highest level in a decade, which is why 2008 has become a year of crisis worldwide. It is considered likely that prices for real estate in the U.S. will continue to fall. This is also true for Great Britain and other European countries where speculative bubbles have developed in the real estate market. There is a risk of a general decline in consumption and a recession, the report says. The likelihood of a drop in GDP growth in China was forecast at 3.5 points, which could cost the global economy 0.25 percentage points and up to a trillion dollars.

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Europe and japan measure greenhouse gases via satellite

Europe and Japan measure greenhouse gases via satellite the weather satellite organization EUMETSAT and the Japanese space workers Jaxa cooperate in the production of greenhouse gases in the Earth’s atmosphere. "Japan is a pioneer," said the Eumetsat General Director Alain Raier on Tuesday (14. May 2019) At the signing of the contract in Darmstadt.

The Agreement has the purpose of reapping a monitoring system for carbon dioxide in order to get a deeper understanding for climate change. Japanese Gosat satellites have been on a nearby oriental carbon dioxide and methane for ten years. European Metop satellites collect measurement data for the weather forecast and the monitoring of the climate.

The aim is also to achieve in the course of the Paris Climate Protection Agreement by 2025 with Japan’s luckless and dense amounts of carbon dioxide and methane in the atmosphere, said Bojan Bojkov from Eumetsat. It needs several missions to get good measurement data. EUMETSAT also cooperate with China and the USA.

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The foisted civilians of kunduz

The Kunduz inquiry committee once again clearly shows why former Defense Minister Jung had to go

Hardly anything puts more prere on the mood at home than the news that there have been innocent victims in a robust peacekeeping operation that is actually a war. Therefore, and probably also in view of the approaching Bundestag elections, the Ministry of Defense, but also the Chancellor’s Office, has obviously tried to keep the unpleasant truth hidden as long as possible.

The foiled civilians of kunduz

Picture: S. Duwe

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