E-privacy regulation: eu council peak wants to allow broader data access

E-PRIVACY Regulation: EU Council Peak wants to allow broader data access

Racingly fast, Portugal, which was chaired at the beginning of the year from Germany, has chaired the EU Council of Ministers, a new draft for the four years of severely controversial e-privacy regulation sent to the other Member States. The goal should be, "to simplify the text" and continue to adapt to the Data Protection Basic Regulation (DSGVO).

What is first convincing, turns out to look for a gift to the data processing economy. Originally intention of the EU Commission was to make the latte high with the regulation in data protection in the sensitive field of electronic communication with its numerous applications of Messenger services and the lathe to control language assistants. If the additional rules are now largely aligned with the DSGVO, they actually confer.

Determination under conditions

as "important change" If the Portuguese Government refers to the text published published by the Burger Rights Organization StaTewatch, that companies and resistances can be used to use metadata such as connection information for other purposes as the originally intended and permitted by the user. The most important requirement for this is that the processing "compatible" is intention to be released. This is also intended for intervention in "Terminal equipment" How to browser, for example, by setting cookies and reading out associated user information.

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The domino recession?

The signs are pointing to recession not only in the U.S., the reports on the state of the global economy are anything but optimistic

The Global Risk Report 2008, which was compiled with the help of leading financial companies, concludes that a recession is imminent in the USA, the largest single economy. The risks were rated on a five-point scale based on a survey of about 100 leading businessmen, politicians and academics. According to the survey, the greatest risks were posed by the crisis in the financial system, further increases in food prices, the sensitivity of global supply routes and increasingly expensive energy carriers. These four risk complexes serve as the basis for this year’s meeting of the World Economic Forum in Davos.

Political and economic uncertainty is at its highest level in a decade, which is why 2008 has become a year of crisis worldwide. It is considered likely that prices for real estate in the U.S. will continue to fall. This is also true for Great Britain and other European countries where speculative bubbles have developed in the real estate market. There is a risk of a general decline in consumption and a recession, the report says. The likelihood of a drop in GDP growth in China was forecast at 3.5 points, which could cost the global economy 0.25 percentage points and up to a trillion dollars.

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Europe and japan measure greenhouse gases via satellite

Europe and Japan measure greenhouse gases via satellite the weather satellite organization EUMETSAT and the Japanese space workers Jaxa cooperate in the production of greenhouse gases in the Earth’s atmosphere. "Japan is a pioneer," said the Eumetsat General Director Alain Raier on Tuesday (14. May 2019) At the signing of the contract in Darmstadt.

The Agreement has the purpose of reapping a monitoring system for carbon dioxide in order to get a deeper understanding for climate change. Japanese Gosat satellites have been on a nearby oriental carbon dioxide and methane for ten years. European Metop satellites collect measurement data for the weather forecast and the monitoring of the climate.

The aim is also to achieve in the course of the Paris Climate Protection Agreement by 2025 with Japan’s luckless and dense amounts of carbon dioxide and methane in the atmosphere, said Bojan Bojkov from Eumetsat. It needs several missions to get good measurement data. EUMETSAT also cooperate with China and the USA.

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The foisted civilians of kunduz

The Kunduz inquiry committee once again clearly shows why former Defense Minister Jung had to go

Hardly anything puts more prere on the mood at home than the news that there have been innocent victims in a robust peacekeeping operation that is actually a war. Therefore, and probably also in view of the approaching Bundestag elections, the Ministry of Defense, but also the Chancellor’s Office, has obviously tried to keep the unpleasant truth hidden as long as possible.

The foiled civilians of kunduz

Picture: S. Duwe

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Tesla accepts bitcoin payments in the usa

Tesla accepts bitcoin payments in the USA

Tesla has also been taking payments in the crypto food bitcoin since Wednesday when buying his electric cars. The option is first available in the US and is to be introduced in other countries during the year, as entered in other countries, as CEO Elon Musk at Twitter. Tesla wool the Bitcoin-Betrage did not exchange for classical notice, emphasized Musk. Tesla announced a few weeks ago the purchase of Bitcoin for $ 1.5 billion and also explored the early acceptance of payments in cryptography.

Open source software and own bitcinnodes

Messages that a company accepts bitcoin payments, there was already more common. As a rule, however, a service provider is involved, which actually accepts and exchanges the coins, so that the acceptance is then only produced money. Exactly that makes Tesla, according to Elon Musk but not. For the amption you only use internal and open source software and operate your own nodes in the BitCoNetzwerk.

The bitcoin payments at Tesla are somewhat more sensitive than just entering the credit card number. The prices on the Tesla website are still in dollars, and the buyer gets a converted bitcoin amount he must pay in a certain time window. For the ordered order of 100 dollars of $ 100, Tesla gave an approximately value of 0.0018376 bitcoin on Wednesday. Kouring can then transfer the destination address and sum to your wallet via QR code or COPY paste and send the transaction.

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Mazda 6 with new 2.2-liter diesel in three power levels

Mazda 6 with new 2.2-liter diesel in three power levels

Leverkusen, 12. November 2008 – Mazda freshly refreshes the 6 Series series with a new turbo diesel with 2.2 liters displacement, which replaces the 4-liter self-cord offered so far. In addition, the Japanese offer a lane change wizard for their mid-range model.

125, 163 or 185 hp

The new common rail diesel is offered in three power levels with 125, 163 or 185 hp. The values for maximum torque are 310, 360 or 400 Newton meters. Mazda promises powerful power development for the engines, good efficiency and smoothness. The injection prere of the Common Rail system was increased to 2000 bar. The individual dusen have more and at the same time getting smaller punches: This is a pracisere control as well as an increase in the number of injections possible, promises Mazda.

5.5 to 5.7 liters on average

The average fuel consumption per 100 kilometers lies according to the manufacturer between 5.5 and 5.7 liters, the CO2 outstaff between 147 and 152 grams per kilometer. To reduce the particle outlet, the Japanese set a diesel particulate filter with a newly developed ceramic structure. This should accelerate the filter regeneration and reduce the number of the necessary regeneration cycles of the filter. The prices for the new self-zunder models of the Mazda 6 start at 24.900 Euro for the step heat version. The most powerful variant with 185 hp is in the fourth energy from 28.800 euros relevant.

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Exhaust emissions scandal: eu commission threatens proceedings

Exhaust emissions scandal: eu commission threatens proceedings

In emissions scandal, EU Commission holds out prospect of further proceedings against EU states. "I can’t give you a date, but I think the next infringement proceedings will come," EU Industry Commissioner Elzbieta Bienkowska said Thursday (8. February 2017) before the investigative committee on the emissions affair in the European Parliament. At present, however, its authorities are still collecting the necessary data.

The likely candidate for EU proceedings is Italy. Bienkowska has already threatened that she is likely to take action against the country if she does not have satisfactory answers from Rome by the end of February 2017. The Italian government has allegations that carmaker Fiat Chrysler cheated on exhaust emissions, only on Wednesday (7. February 2017) rejected. In December 2016, the EU Commission had launched proceedings against Germany and six other countries for alleged violation of European law. Bienkowska complained about the lack of will to clarify the matter in the auto industry and the national authorities. Their attitude has not changed despite the affair about falsified exhaust emissions values.

Consumers have nothing to fear in the short term, but very much in the medium term. In France and Germany, the diesel share is so high that before the election, hardly any politician will dare to change the current taxation or even announce it. But politicians, like the auto industry, are in a quandary. On the one hand, CO2 emissions are to be reduced and new environmental regulations are to be met; on the other hand, the electric car, hailed as a panacea, is not really gaining momentum. Presumably, in the fall of 2017, i.e. after the election, it will become somewhat clearer where the journey is headed. Clear guidelines were important not only for the industry, but also for the consumer. After all, after real estate, the car is the most expensive item that consumers afford on average.

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Cloud native: kong starts with konnect a platform for connecting services

Cloud Native: Kong starts with Konnect a platform for connecting services

In the context of the Kong Summit 2020, the company has expanded the portfolio of a connectivity platform behind the Kong Gateway, which aims for cloud-native applications. Kong Konnect combines Microservices and other applications with each other and after. The platform binds different runtime environments as well as specific workflows for individual tasks.

Kong: Kony the microservices

The platform consists of five main components: the Runtime Manager, the Service Hub, the Vitals, the Dev Portal and the Insomnia API Designer. Thus, Kong Konnect should cover and connect the complete stack of applications and the portfolio of the participating teams from the software architecture via development to the administrative area.

The three circles around Konnect describe the runtime environments, the functions and the user groups.

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Porsche boxster and cayman: extras gunstiger

Porsche boxster and cayman: extras gunstiger

Stuttgart, 25. Marz 2010 – The model cycle of the small Porsche with mid-engine is coming to an end. Now the Zufenhausen for the Boxster and the Cayman offer four new equipment packages. They should not only simplify the configuration of the vehicle manufactured by Valmet in Finland, but also offer a price advantage of up to 30 percent, according to the manufacturer compared to the individual order of the respective special equipment.

Popular extras

The packages "Comfort" and "infotainment" include a number of extras that are very obese at customers. The comfort package includes automatic climate control, bi-xenon headlights including dynamic cornering lights and a tempomat. Also there are automatically dimming inner and outdoor mirrors, a rain sensor and – in conjunction with leather sitting – tailored Porsche coat of arms on the headstock. The open models Boxster and Boxster S is still a wind slurry including storage box. For the comfort package, the Cayman 2380 Euro and the Boxster 2606 Euro are fally.

Navigation and entertainment

The package "infotainment" Includes the Porsche Communication Management (PCM) including navigation module, an audio interface for connecting MP3 player and iPod as well as the "Sound Package Plus". This offers seven speakers in the Boxster and a total output of 185 watts, the Cayman are nine speakers and 235 watts. The 3142 Euro expensive equipment package includes a CD storage and a Bluetooth mobile phone preparation.

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Save, switch off, stroll

Save, switch off, stroll

Wolfsburg, 26. February 2014 – At the end of January, VW showed pictures of the redesigned Polo for the first time. At its trade fair premiere at the Geneva Motor Show (6. until 16. March 2014) the manufacturer also brings the Polo derivatives in a slightly different form. Almost all of them will be at the German dealers from April.

Save and switch off

As a diesel in the NEDC, the VW Polo BlueMotion will consume 3.1 liters per 100 kilometers in the future. In connection with the 45 liter tank, a range of over 1,400 kilometers would be possible. The BlueMotion economy package includes the usual ingredients: tires with low rolling resistance, modified rear and front spoilers. The Polo TSI BlueMotion is completely new with a one-liter turbo gasoline engine and 95 hp. It should come to 4.1 liters and 94 grams of CO2. It should only roll to the dealers in the course of the year.

The VW Polo BlueGT is taking a different approach. Its 1.4-liter TSI gets ten more horsepower and now has 150 horsepower. The second and third cylinders are switched off in partial load operation. If the customer has ordered the seven-speed DSG, the BlueGT should consume 4.7 liters in the NEDC, which corresponds to 108 grams of CO2. This value was allowed to be the absolute exception in practice, not least because hardly anyone buys a 150 hp Polo to set new consumption records. VW specifies the top speed at 220 km / h. The standard features of the Polo BlueGT are 17-inch aluminum, a roof spoiler and a body that has been lowered by 15 millimeters.

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