Audi and daimler: ruckrufing in usa and china

Because of problems with a coolant pump, Audi not only calls for hundreds of thousands of vehicles in the USA, but also in China. The jerk call is part of a worldwide action in which around 1.1 million copies of the A4, A5, Q5, A6 and A8 Hybrid with 2.0-TFSI engine a software update for the engine control apparatus should be played. "The problem relates to a supplemental coolant pump that can be blocked by foreign particles in the cooling river," explored an Audi spokesman today in Ingolstadt. The update should ensure that the pump switch off in time before a superheat.

The backlack had already become known at the end of January, but have not found a resonant now in all its extent, the spokesman – at that time the focus of the coverage was on the USA. There will be 390.000 vehicles are retrieved; In addition to the coolant pump there were other problems there. In China are 681.000 vehicles affected by the pumps with the pump, in Germany 13.000. Previously, the news agency Bloomberg reported on the jerk.

Daimler has initiated a jerk response in the USA because of overheating and fire hazards when starting the engine. Around 354.000 Vehicles The model year’s program 2015 to 2017 will be ordered by the subsidiary Mercedes-Benz USA in the workshops as the US traffic supervision announced on Friday. Due to a defect, there is a risk that a current limiter overhead and surrounding parts fading.

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Erhohen hoch verarbeitete lebensmittel das mortalitatsrisiko?

Erhohen hoch verarbeitete lebensmittel das mortalitatsrisiko?

Bild: Hyper nova/CC BY-SA-4.0

According to a study, there is a clear link between the amount of ready meals, snacks or desserts consumed and increased risk of death

Highly processed foods can not only make you fatter, they can also increase mortality, according to a study by French scientists. So if you save time eating and eat highly processed (ultra-processed) products, you could possibly shorten your life. In their study, published in JAMA Internal Medicine, the researchers explored the research-backed hypothesis that higher consumption of highly processed foods is associated with a higher risk of disease. They examined whether this increases overall mortality risk.

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Microservice api gateway: kong 2.2 advanced functions for go plug-ins

MicroService API Gateway: Kong 2.2 Advanced Functions for Go Plug-Ins

The company Kong has version 2.0 of the same name Microservices Gateway. The list of new features is long. Among them, there are also new features for Go plug-ins also to load OS certificates and buffering.

Kong has been developed as a service control platform. It should combine artificial intelligence, mechanical learning and other technologies to convey the flow of information from and to services. Kong is based on the reverse proxy server NGINX. The platform provides services, including a residual API interface for the registration of APIs and a platform for plug-ins.

Extended support for UDP

Kong already supports HTTP / HTTPS Traffic with Rest and GrpC-APIs. Kong Gatway 2.2 Advanced Support for all UDP-based protocols (User DataGram Protocol). The developer team behind the API gateway thus sees new possibilities for Kong users, as UDP is used in a wide range of applications that range from audio / video streaming and game servers to financial services.

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Dgb boss criticized salvation home office tarpaulin – cdu is open

DGB boss criticized salvation home office tarpaulin - CDU is open

Federal Minister of Labor Hubertus Heil (SPD) must fortify for his bill for mobile work violent criticism from the top of the German Trade Union Confederation (DGB). "This bill requires a significant upgrade within the meaning of the staff", said DGB boss Reiner Hoffmann of the German Press Agency in Berlin. "Otherwise, the promise of creating the promise of the future election problems and more security for the employees at mobile work or in the home office, not much."

Right to a conversation

According to the law of salvation, procured the right to inform the employer’s start, duration, extent and distribution of wanted mobile work. The employer should take concrete on the application. If he rejects the application, he should face this in writing after two months in writing. Otherwise the home office is therefore automatically as specified.

Hoffmann welcomed that the coalition is now over the subject of negotiation. Originally, salvation had wanted to create a legal entitlement of 24 days HomeOffice in the year, but it had failed at the Union. According to the DGB boss threatens now a rough dispatch.

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Mercedes citan: delivery truck on renault base

Mercedes citan: delivery truck on renault base

Stuttgart, 17. April 2012 – A customary look and lack of demand: The Mercedes Vaneo developed between 2001 and 2005 to the flop. After the failed attempt in the segment of the Hochtachkombis, Mercedes dares a new attempt. The Citan should come to the market in the fall of 2012.

Kangoo as the basis

The Mercedes Citan was created in cooperation with Renault-Nissan, the technical foundation is at first glance: the Renault Kangoo. For the differentiation of his French gene dispenser Mercedes missed the Citan a rough boiler mask with star, striking headlights and a rapted bonnet. In the interior, another dashboard is used in which the switches and buttons are arranged to Mercedes type.

Standard model of the CITAN series is the box carriage in three long from 3.94 above 4.32 to 4.71 meters. On the XL version, the Citan Mixto is based with FUF Sit, foldable fund seat and two sliding calves. Third in the bundle, the Citan Combi on the basis of the 4.32 meter version: a funfeaster with complete glazing, foldable rear seat bench and a sliding tower. Optionally, there is a sliding exhortation extra. From the station wagon, Mercedes was allowed to develop a car similar version for private clients in the foreseeable future. More for the trade Interesting are the three to which weight variants up to a maximum of 2.2 tonnes admitted total weight.

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Google maps with live traffic information

Google maps with live traffic information

Hamburg, 2. August 2011 – Google now offers live traffic information in Germany and in Zwolf’s Lermen Lermen. About Google Maps you can see the current traffic situation on a scheduled route or in a selected area. The info can also be retrieved via cell phones, Android and iOS devices. So far, the service was only available in the USA.

On the basis of various colors in the card, the speed with which the traffic is moving, can be seen. The colors red and black mark a stopGo traffic, red means zahmen, yellow signals a high traffic volume and grun a free ride. The data can be over the "traffic"-Button to be retrieved in the upper right corner of the card.

In the current traffic situation, all fast struggles and highways as well as the main sprays in coarse baties are involved. On the basis of Fruheren data, Google also says the traffic. In addition to Germany, the service is also introduced in Austria, Switzerland, the Netherlands, Spain, Gobritaine, Poland, Belgium, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Ireland, Israel and Luxembourg.

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Internet archive rescues 600.000 bucher from new zealand

Internet archive rescues 600,000 books from New Zealand

The Internet Archive rescues a huge stack of books from New Zealand. Not less than 600.000 mostly booked books from the stock of the New Zealandic National Library are scanned in the Philippines and embedded in the USA. This work should take about two years. Thereafter, the digital versions will be freely accessible via the Open Library Service worldwide.

Since 2019 National Library of New Zealand has searched for a cooperation partner. She liked 600.000 rarely used works predominantly from the second half of the 1960s sort out to create space for New Zealandic and other Pacific printing plants. The Internet Archive has now become a regular basis, transport, scanning, storage and deployment on the Internet at its own expense. The library refers to the agreement as "historical".

Right owners have Veto

The Open Library Service allows only as many virtual borrowings simultaneously, as the Internet archive workstick has embarked – usually only one user per book at a specific time. All other inquisitive ones must, as in a classic library, on the back.

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Vw touran tsi ecofuel: continue without tankstopp

Vw touran tsi ecofuel: continue without tankstopp

Wolfsburg, 6. October 2009 – Since May 2009, VW offers Touran with double-charged TSI engine for bivalent operation with gasoline and natural gas. From now on, a version with increased range is obvious. By an enlarged tank volume and improved efficiency, up to 670 kilometers without tankstops should be resumed.

24 instead of 18 kg fishing enhanced …

The three natural gas tanks stored in the underbody are now a total of 24 kilograms of 24 kilograms instead of 18. The range in natural gas operation is up to 520 kilometers with the intoled tanks. With the eleven liter gasoline reserve tank, a further 150 kilometers may be possible according to VW. The TSI Ecofuel with seven-speed DSG is supposed to start with 4.6 kilograms of natural gas at 100 kilometers, the CO2 outset amounted to 126 g / km. Converted to the current natural gas price VW thus calculated for the Touran TSI Ecofuel fuel costs of about 4.50 euros per 100 kilometers.

… But only for the Funfser

The coarse natural gas tanks are reserved for the funfeaser. Furthermore, there are the seven-seater version with 18 kilogram natural gas tank. She should come without renewed a total of around 520 kilometers – 370 kilometers with natural gas and 150 kilometers with gasoline. The drive of the Touran Tsi Ecofuel serves a 150 hp 1.4-liter direct injection with turbocharger and compressor. The maximum torque amounts to 220 Nm and is from 1500 revolutions. The basic price for Touran with bivalent drive amounts to 27.450 euros.

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Javascript: ext js 7.4 brings new features for data grids

JavaScript: EXT JS 7.4 brings new features for Data Grids

The software manufacturer Sencha gives first notes on the new features in version 7 with the beta release presented.4 of the JavaScript Framework Ext JS. With the tool you can create interactive web applications. The upcoming version stop next to new features for Data Grids further innovations for the Classic and Modern Toolkit.

While the Classic Toolkit is intended for creating desktop applications, users can use the modern toolkit for building mobile applications. The latter is mainly geared to the functions of modern browsers.

Combined data in groups

With Ext JS 7.4 Should developers have to obtain the possibility of grouping data across multiple levels with the extended multi-grouping function. Individual or multiple fields can be added to groups or summary. The Grid Panel should display this data based on the desired grouping,.

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