Car country: usa send 11p wlan in pension

Car country: USA Send 11P WLAN in pension

The US regulatory workfederal Communications Commission (FCC) has implemented its scheduled plan for December 2019: It uses the car consultation PWLAN (IEEE specification 802.11p) after a long response phase the radio spectrum.

Although this only affects the US, but the decisions of the FCC often have groundbreaking character for other regulatory keeps. In Europe, the step is attracting attention, because the auto industry is split in two bearings: some companies, including the world-growing autoconzers Volkswagen, set to 11p, while others prefer the modern mobile technology C-V2X (Cellular Vehicle-to-Everything). C-V2X Grundet on mobile radio techniques LTE and 5G.

No place for two rivals

The main entity for the development of the two methods is the reduction in the number of traffic totes and at all the risk minimization in the strain traffic. For this, vehicles warn each other from hazardous situations such as sudden brakes, unsuitable construction sites or black ice and report when a rescue car crosses the way. 11P and C-V2X are not compatible, and that is the CRUX: research and policies worldwide are convinced that a uniform specification is required for car consultation.


Audi rs5: motor meier in fine twine

Audi rs5: motor meier in fine twine

Ingolstadt, 22. February 2010 – Actually the new RS4 turned off when it comes to his fans. At the Geneva Car Salon of 4. Until 14. Marz 2010, however, first shows the RS5. There he presented in his pronounced shell new all-wheel technology and a motor that remains economical in spite of his performance.

Performance full

Under the hood comes a high-rotating V8 suction motor with 4163 cubic centimeter displacement and benzindirect injection – a turbo ware maybe time rubber, but such a thick sucker still has a special charm. The aggregate is closely related to the ten-cylinder that drives the R8. With 450 hp, the RS5 engine even makes 30 hp more than the smallest R8 machine with 4.2 liters of displacement. Speeds are available: The maximum power is achieved at 8250 revolutions, 430 Nm torque are available between 4000 and 6000 tours, because it is joyful in turning. In just 4.6 seconds, the approximately 1.7 tonnes of heavy coupe should accelerate from zero to 100 km / h. The otherwise electronically limited tip of 250 km / h is read on request only at 280 km / h. In conjunction with the continuous seven-speed dual-clutch transmission S Tronic, the RS5 consumes 10.8 liters of fuel in the EU measurement cycle.

New four-wheel technology

As with Audi ubam, the RS5 also brings its power via all-wheel drive to the strain. When center differential that distributes the forces between front and rear axles, there is a new feature: the so-called crown-gear differential. It may vary widely due to its disk packs the distribution of torque between the axles. If necessary, it passes up to 70 percent to the front or a maximum of 85 percent to the rear. The standard interpretation of 40:60 rear-biased. The new differential works with an electronic torque vectoring, which accesses all four wheels. If one of the inside of the curve Rader is relieved too much at brisk pace, it slows the system down slightly before slippage occurs. This ensures on the one hand for more traction, and on the other hand produces a yaw moment that supports the turning.


Wd red hdds with smr technology: western digital pays $ 2.7 million

WD red HDDS with SMR technology: Western Digital pays $ 2.7 million

The hidden change from Conventional Magnetic Recording (CMR) on the gorstiger recording technology Shingled Magnetic Recording (SMR) costs Western Digital several million US dollars. The manufacturer has agreed with the lawsold of a collective action in the USA to compensation payments in high 2.7 million US dollars.

Western Digital has secretly changed some hard drives from the WD-Red series to SMR technology in recent years, without the change in the dataflaten. The traces of roof shingles can lead to problems in particular with RAID rebuilds, their execution of which either requires many hours of time or is not just finished. Western Digital applies HDDS from the WD red series just for (NAS) network storage, where RAID composites are ugland.

Little money per hdd

The compensation payments have agreed with the Clever and Western Digital Auberartich, but a Californian court must agree with this Law Street Media notes. If this happens, every member of the collection claim gets 4 to 7 US dollars per hard disk affected, which was bought between October 2018 and the approval of the General Court. In single traps, up to 85 percent of the retail price will be reimbursed, ie a maximum of 153 US dollars.


Bit noise: 2 nanometer chip, new cpu-lucke and opencl waulty

Bit noise: 2 nanometer chip, new CPU-LUCKE and OPENCL Waulty

Developer teams of IBM Research in Albany (New York) have made the allegedly worldwide first test chip with 2-nanometer technology on a pilot plant. However, 2-nanometer series production was allowed to start early in 2025. Then, ideally, more than 330 million transistors should fit on only one square millimeter silicon surface.

These were more than 50 percent more than chips such as Apple M1 and Qualcomm Snapdragon 888 from the previously advanced manufacturing technology, the 5-nanometer method of TSMC. However, between the 5- and 2-nanometer manufacturing technology, the 3-nanometer technology is still coming, so that the comparison drawn by IBM is a bit crooked.

Bit noise: 2 nanometer chip, new CPU-LUCKE and OPENCL Waulty

In 2025, the production of 2-nanometer chips started with "Nanosheet"-Transistors work. Whose conductive channels (to see above in the image in cross section) are surrounded by the gate electrode surrounding.


Federal cyberagentur grounded: 350 million euros for cybersecurity

Federal Cyberagentur Grounded: 350 million euros for cybersecurity

The CyberAgentur is started: Your basic certificate is signed and the business is ordered. Officially, the company agency for innovation in the Cyber Security GmbH, she should "Identify innovation in the field of cyber security and awarded concrete appearance for the development of innovative solutions".

Protection of burgers of Germany

In addition, the CyberAgentur is intended to plan, control and prioritize individual programs as well as conclusively moving. The results obtained in this should evaluate them withdraw and provide the federal government. By 2023, the company can access 350 million euros from the households of the BMVG and BMI, as evidenced by the official press release of the BMI.

Accordingly, the long-term focus of the cyber agency on the external and internal security is. It was agreed in the coalition agreement in 2018, its planned 100 employees should first work in Halle and from 2022 at Leipzig / Halle Airport – after its completion -. You are conducting the basic phase Professor Dr. habil. Christoph Igel as a business manager and research director as well as Frank Michael Weber as a merchant director and business drivers.


Resurrection: 1967 shelby g.t.500cr convertible

Resurrection: 1967 shelby g.t.500cr convertible

Yukon (Oklahoma / USA), 10. July 2012 – 1967 emerged from a Ford Mustang after drafting the racing driver and designer Carrol Shelby a magnificent convertible: The Shelby G.T.500 convertible. Shelby died in May 2012 – but his idea lives up. The US restorer and small series manufacturer Classic Recreations builds on order the 1967 Shelby G.T.500CR convertible. The car fallows through its combination of classic look and modern technology.

A lot of power

Under the hood of the chic convertible, much power is used. The weaker of the two V8 motorizations already prototzt with 553 hp. If you want to crash it ultimatively, you can also grab the compressor charged 780-horsepower variant. The switching work takes over in both cases of the driver himself by hand. Currently, Classic Recreations are not yet available, but at least the 780-horsepower version was allowed to come back to the gauge thanks to the 68-liter tank. A threaded fire and stabilizers should hold the open bolides built on a stiff tube frame on the strain. For contact with the road are 17-inch raders. These fit visually well for the overall appearance, coarse pneus could act under a car in retro design.

A lot of shelby

Both the exterior and the interior of the G.T.500CR convertible are provided with many design elements designed by the CARROLL SHELBY. Aubes are used authentic Shelby applications made of glass fiber-ramped plastic. As a tank closure, there’s a shelby-le mans-racing lid. The inmates take on carroll-shelby signature seats with funkpunktbelten. There are also special Shelby Fubmatts, a Shelby instrument carrier and a Shelby surcrum ball. The scaling of the tacho of the 553-horsepower variant ranges to the 160-mile per hour mark (257 km / h), which is the 780-horsepower version up to 200 miles per hour marking (322 km /H).


Gives the u.s. Government oversight of the internet root?

Internet Governance 2015: Towards an Internet Agenda 2025

2015 has just begun, but the Internet governance calendar is already packed until the end of the year. The list of relevant topics is getting longer and, after years of discussion, the call for concrete results is getting louder.

But whether a significant step forward can be made in the long march through the global Internet governance ecosystem in 2015 is an open question. The answer will depend in no small part on how two distinct but interconnected processes play out:


On the showbuean: polo, a4 allroad, yeti co.

On the showbuean: polo, a4 allroad, yeti co.

Geneva (Switzerland), 3. Marz 2009 – no carmaker can currently remove the sales crisis. Even Volkswagen suffers, but at high levels as many competitors. The company currently scores with saving technology, albeit so far only in the conventional area: a hybrid does not still exist, but with the TSI motors and the dual-clutch gearbox called DSG is the car maker’s successful trendsetter.

The good mood likes the stakeholders at the Geneva Motor Show this year harder, but VW did not take it yesterday to effectively present his news on the Geneva bean – the show is a duty. We were on the spot and have captured the first impressions of the premieres of the Group brands VW, Audi, Seat, Skoda, Lamborghini, Bentley and Bugatti.

Polo with variable loading floor

The absolute highlight was undoubtedly the new VW Polo, who is from development board DR. Ulrich Hackenberg was driven on the bean. The family etchness to Golf VI is absolutely. The car should offer no gimmicks and no gimmicks, but "polo pure". However, the security has been improved: ESP is now series and the body should also endure a crash. With an entry-level price of 12.150 euros the small car is only insignificant more expensive than the process, rally hackenberg. But for us, the large surprise on the new polo of the variable loading floor, which improves the usability of the trunk.


Cinema picture wall: lg starts with 14 meters versions

Cinema picture wall: LG starts with 14 meters versions

In Marz 2018, in Zurich the first cinema room with an LED wall instead of projection opened – this was at the same time the first installation of this kind worldwide for playing 3D films. The used by Samsung, 10.3 meters wide and 5.4 meters high Cinema LED Screen, which the manufacturer is artistic under the brand name "Onyx Cinema LED" expelling.

In December of the same year, the 14 meter wide version celebrated in a hall of the cinema "Capital cinema" in Beijing world premiere, which offers like the smaller version a resolution of 4K (4096 x 2160 pixels). After that, it was always speculated again which company was entering the market as a next.

Now the cat is out of the sack: LG also offers art a corresponding cinema canvas – and now gave details of the "Lad033f" mention "LG LED Cinema"-Model known. Accordingly, the company starts with the 14-meter variant, which will also offer a 4K resolution.