Driving report: yamaha niken

Driving report: yamaha niken

Innovations in motorcycle construction have always been discussed HEIB. What began with ABS in the early nineties, continued in the two thousands in the slip control: driving assistance systems were first perceived by many as an attack on self-determination. It becomes particularly hot if a new concept is pushed the idea of the motorcycle in its groundfest, as currently the electric wheel.

Like the reaction to Yamaha’s new Niken (say: Neiken), it is still more violent. Rarely has a motorcycle in advance to plug in as much HAME, such as the tricycle, ahhh that Leaning Multi Wheeler Named motorcycle of Yamaha.

Can three rade motorcycle?

All those who know a little with the Yamaha model palette may have been in demand at the first presentation of the Niken at the end of 2017, where the Japanese take the courage to take a concept. As a reminder: Already in 1993, Yamaha tried with the sports tour GTS 1000 at the first motorcycle produced in series with aerial control. And 25 years ago, the experimentation of the Japanese was punished. With only nearly 1400 specimens sold in Germany, the GTS could confidently be referred to as a flop. At that time, however, was above all the lack of maturity of the system, which did not generate real advantages and the disgountable, curvature front-wheel dimension of 130/60.

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Soder: “car pact against driving bans”

Soder: 'car pact against driving bans'

Bavaria’s Minister President Markus Soder (CSU) wants to prevent diesel driving bans in the state by introducing a package of measures. "One thing is quite clear: Bavaria is a car state and therefore we are against driving bans. They achieve little and only burden traffic and the burghers," the CSU politician told the dpa in Munich. He added that the state government was in favor of adhering to limit values, "but we should also show more common sense again.".

To improve air values in Bavaria’s urban centers, Soder announced a new car pact with various measures: "We now want to initiate scientific studies in Bavaria. Which limit values are actually meaningful and relevant for health protection and what is the relation to other limit values?."From Soder’s point of view, the example of driving bans for diesel vehicles in Hamburg shows "how absurd this is in practice. A few meters of road are blocked and everyone drives around in the dark. That is no solution for the pollution."

In addition, the state government wants to further expand local public transport. "We will invest 100 million euros more per year. With new trains, buses and support for routes that have not been so profitable up to now, we want to intensify the tangential traffic around the conurbations and improve the frequency," said Soder. The auto pact will go far beyond the diesel ie, he said. "It’s also about the qualification of the workforce. The top priority, however, is to avoid driving bans."

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Corona warning app: “red lamp does not automatically mean high risk”

Corona warning app:'rote lampe bedeutet nicht automatisch hohe gefahr''rote lampe bedeutet nicht automatisch hohe gefahr'

Nevertheless, not all the details of the core process of the National Corona Warn app are known that officially imagine politics and participating companies on Tuesday. Sure, however, it is that it is one "red signal" would give if a user had a risky contact with a coronavirus infected, Ute Teichert explained director of the academy for public healthcare, on Monday at a web conference of the Science Media Center (SMC). These" red lamp" mean "not automatically a high risk".

A chain of events

Teichert called a warning through the app as "a note of several in a chain of events that you have to look at". The affected user is only called the day of an increased risk of infection, not the time. He also experiences multiple contact with infected. There is a recommendation in such a case, the location health department, call the on-call service 116 117 or the family doctor.

At the behavior, the normal task of risk demonstration, in which they worked after an individual contact personnel scheme, succeeded in the chairman of the Federal Association of Arztinns of the Public Health Service. They had to find out how closely coincidence had been on a said day, whether people had gone with or without mouthguard on clothfooling and had chosen about. Every note should be further verified.

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10 Years chromeos: google tapped chromebooks narrower with android

10 years Chromeos: Google tapped chromebooks narrower with Android

Google’s operating system Chromeos may experience what hardly a Google offer achieves: his tenth birthday. For this occasion, Google donates this month the new version M89 with a number of new features. Especially the toothing with Android advantages should be narrower. Horsebub remains the limited "durability".

Google has presented Chromeos for the first time in July 2009 and the year the first Chromebook commissioned as part of a pilot program. For Google I / O in May 2011, there were the first premixed chromebooks, namely of Acer and Samsung. This date Google now pulls up to celebrate ten years of chromos. The motto of the three S has been unnecessary since the start: Chromeos gates should be simple, fast, and safe.

Simple and safe brings with him that the users must make cuts in the episis of certain preferences. However, this significantly reduces the support effort in companies and educational institutions. And in schools are chromebooks according to Google the most bought gardures, worldwide. That in turn drives the parents’ parents who experience how their children handle with Chromebooks. More than 40 million chromebooks are in action in schools, more recently in Japan.

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Standstill in germany

According to the new DeutschlandTrend, are Germans satisfied or do they just see no real alternative??

Germans seem to be satisfied with the rough coalition at present. The opposition is not gaining ground, as the DeutschlandTrend has just shown again. The state of political lack of alternatives prevails. 40 percent became CDU. We are apparently satisfied – or see no alternative in the options offered.

The calm that has been evident for months should be startling. When there is no real opposition anymore, something goes wrong in democracy. The politicians who rely on consensus rank right at the top: Steinmeier, Merkel, Schauble and now also Gabriel. Whoever is in power scores. The fact that Seehofer or Dobrindt did relatively badly could also be due to the fact that they don’t speak for the majority opinion, but for determining minorities. And, my God, the fact that the West German leftist Ramelow will now become Minister President in Thuringia is disturbing a majority. However, 40 percent can already imagine a government participation of the left in the federation. More in the East than in the West, but the fear of the Reds seems to be gradually fading away.

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Munchen, 3. September 2015 – it is quite exactly 26 years ago, as the OPEL was the first European car manufacturer on the IAA, that now all models will have a catalyst from now on. Such, for the competition often painful timpani strike is still available, but with basic development guidelines there is often a non-agreed unity. For this purpose, it may be paid for almost all automakers in the coming years to bring various plug-in hybrid models to market. The idiosyncratic, industry with required calculation in the NEFZ leads too truly "fantastic" consumption values. Therefore, this transition solution will be celebrated by the automakers for a while, even if hardly a customer can experience these values in practice. BMW does not prejudice there and presents three new plug-in hybrid models on the IAA, which, like the opponents, with extremely low values in the cycle Glance.


BMW goes a very similar way like Volkswagen, which is probably due to the image of Bayern. Because in all trying to miss a "green paint" should be more than just a rest of the joy in the driving. The medium for the purpose is, as in the Gulf Gte also: Performance. BMW combines the 1.5-liter three-cylinder gasoline engine from the 218i with a 65 kW electric motor in the 225XE. The system performance adds here to 165 kW (224 hp). The burner drives only the front axle, the electric motor only the rear raders. The performance is impressive, especially in the field of acceleration, if the driver has chosen by those mode in which both engines have to deliver their maximum. BMW promises 6.7 seconds in the standard sprint. That a 225i xdrive with 231 hp and 6.3 seconds is still a bit faster, nothing at the statement that this plug-in model in this area does not require any noteworthy waiver.

Something different looks at the highest speed. Although many people were allowed to reach the maximum potential 202 km / h, but one sees one of the three weakest offshoots, all other 2er active tourers are faster. Purly electrically up to 125 km / h, if the battery has a residual capacity of more than seven percent. If the state of charge below, but over three percent, are still 55 km / h possible. Under three percent, the combuser is switched on, BMW prevents a complete discharge.

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Spacex: further prototype of heavy duty rackets starship destroyed

Spacex: Further prototype of heavy duty rackets Starship destroyed

Once again, a prototype of the heavy-duty starship of the space company Spacex is exploded in a test. On Friday the prototype graduated "SN4" a test on the Spacex countries in Boca Chica in Sudtexas, when it came to an explosion where the prototype was destroyed. Cleaner information did not make the company first.

Number four destroyed

It is already the fourth official prototype (the name "Sn4" stands for Serial Number 4), which is lost. Most recently, number 3 was collapsed in a print test in April. The reusable missiles should once freight (from up to 150 tons of load, the company talks) into space, such as the moon or Mars. Elon Musk had introduced a first version of Starship in September 2019.

Currently, the company is commissioned on behalf of NASA, for the first time in the context of a commercial project astronauts from the US territory from into the universe. The originally planned started started start, however, had to be postponed due to bad weather conditions.

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Wd red hdds with smr technology: western digital pays $ 2.7 million

WD red HDDS with SMR technology: Western Digital pays $ 2.7 million

The hidden change from Conventional Magnetic Recording (CMR) on the gorstiger recording technology Shingled Magnetic Recording (SMR) costs Western Digital several million US dollars. The manufacturer has agreed with the lawsold of a collective action in the USA to compensation payments in high 2.7 million US dollars.

Western Digital has secretly changed some hard drives from the WD-Red series to SMR technology in recent years, without the change in the dataflaten. The traces of roof shingles can lead to problems in particular with RAID rebuilds, their execution of which either requires many hours of time or is not just finished. Western Digital applies HDDS from the WD red series just for (NAS) network storage, where RAID composites are ugland.

Little money per hdd

The compensation payments have agreed with the Clever and Western Digital Auberartich, but a Californian court must agree with this Law Street Media notes. If this happens, every member of the collection claim gets 4 to 7 US dollars per hard disk affected, which was bought between October 2018 and the approval of the General Court. In single traps, up to 85 percent of the retail price will be reimbursed, ie a maximum of 153 US dollars.

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Artificial eye

A chip implanted directly into the visual cortex can restore rudimentary vision to the blind

Pop singer Stevie Wonder, who went blind shortly after birth and made news late last year after announcing his intention to get a retinal implant to regain his sight, will have to wait further for technological miracles, but for people who went blind later in life, another type of neurotechnology could be able to help them see again.

Artificial eye

Stevie Wonder must have been driven to his desire by exaggerated reports of technological advances, because retinal implants are being researched, but they have not yet been permanently implanted in humans. The microchips, which are connected to a tiny camera, can also only stimulate retinal cells that are still intact. The chips, which have only a few receptors, can restore only rudimentary vision, because the retina has more than a million nerve cells. Moreover, retinal implants seem to offer relief for only a few conditions, such as retinitis pigmentosa. People who, like Stevie Wonder, never learned to see "learned to see" could probably not do much with neuronal impulses that reach the brain via the optical nerve, because the brain does not know how to convert them into images.

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Capitalism in the pillory – but where is blackrock??

Capitalism in the pillory - but where does that leave blackrock?

There is a lot of complaining about capitalism. But its most important actors, the capitalists, remain largely invisible. This is also true for the currently largest of these capitalists: BlackRock

BlackRock is a shareholder, i.e. co-owner, in 18.000 banks and companies worldwide, Coca Cola, Lockheed, Boeing, Allianz, United Bank of Switzerland, Nestle, Bayer, Monsanto, Rheinmetall, Lufthansa, RWE as well as Amazon, Facebook, Apple, Microsoft and Google. BlackRock is the most influential capital organizer in the U.S.-led West. Chief executive Laurence Fink calls on companies to take more social responsibility, saying governments had failed to do so.

But according to its own corporate code, and even more so according to its own practices, BlackRock is beholden only to the interests of its investors. Greenwashing, transparency and responsibility rhetoric are part of this, gladly adopted for example by the President of the European Commission, Ursula von der Leyen: She is being advised by BlackRock.

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